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  1. Yea would be cool just press the button and its going by self on 130km/h and you are able to chat and speak over the radio with out holding W
  2. Hey there , yea a lot of Old School guys from NGG is here. 😄
  3. The question is they are Mafia or Gang ?
  4. Had the same thing days ago . Bag , 16Fish , Radio , GPS , Fishing tools and they say after 30min sorry sir something happen and we lose them
  5. Yeap would be nice to see this into the server . Supporting !
  6. Would be nice to see this thing into the server , so only 4+ members and only leaders could start take these turfs down . Some kind a rules how many members should be on the turff to start take it down and take it back.. Only IC Rules , nothing OOC Just like it was in Samp times , It was interesting and fun to take care of these turfs and fight with other gangs . When you go in Turn you should make everything with Roleplay
  7. Thats true they are like you have 5 sec . But guys I have 20 sec to answer on Roleplay . Looks like someone of them dont know time of answer .
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