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  1. Looking good boys and keep it up and most importand thing is to not give up and work more on your street style !
  2. Character name(s): Salvadore Rivera Admin who issued punishment: @RedHot Date of punishment: 21.01.2020 Punishment received: NonRP#2 CombatLog Reason given for punishment: We had situation with PD and we try to run away and my Laptop was freezing and lagging all this week and I smash it after we crash and its turner off and not turn back . I try a lot of things but cant turn it on and made this appeal from phone . Your explanation of what happened: Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because I dont agrea that this reason than I have a tehnical situation should be a reason for giving Me #2 non rp . I can still sit a IC Jail time but I would like to ask take out this from my admin logs . Thanks Post any evidence or further details: I send them to RedHot in Private Message on Discord .
  3. Now we talking about real things !!!!
  4. No need , I would suggest you to take Out /stats and /salary so you should only use your phone to check Bank Balance ans Salary incomes
  5. When you have this problem try to use different anim its because you spam to much one and than you get suck like if you are unlocking your car and your anim just stop use /anim foldarms for exp and stop that Anim with CTRL +0 if I’m not wrong and this should help I have this problem all the time
  6. And Shotgun like it is USA or other states
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