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  1. Chris Bluestone

    Change back to stranger ID

    Idk playtv after the last update is taking to much fps out of my pc so i change it to geforce experience and its working 100% good
  2. Chris Bluestone

    Car key

    Yeap like /givekey ID CarID in your list
  3. Chris Bluestone

    Change back to stranger ID

    Like if you have Geforce video card than go and use '' Geforce Experience '' its will always be more than 720p. About AMD idk just find it and everything will be fine Don't use playtv its shit not like before
  4. Chris Bluestone

    Change back to stranger ID

    please dont . -100 dont change now is perfect . Just use correct video recorder to create video
  5. Chris Bluestone

    looking to start a new government faction

    -1 no !
  6. Chris Bluestone

    Car key

    Hello there I been playing this server for a while and one of the biggest problem is than you can't give your car key to someone if you are not inside your car Like when you get out from your car and lock it the key is still with you not inside the car . So what I want to tell is than we need to be able to give car key also if you are outside of your vehicle and far away from it . /givekey ID Car-name
  7. Chris Bluestone

    Postal code map

    +1 Yeap I was looking for this if I can put it for my self so i don't need to wait on the server till they decide
  8. Chris Bluestone


    We are always up for some good Roleplay . There going to be more just be patient !
  9. Chris Bluestone

    Aliasing restrictions

    One B I G Support for this ! !! +111 Also had the same situation when people use /alias to find me after I change my clothes and take Mask off . They just can do it no meter what. You should be able to use this cmd when people/ID don't have a mask on his face
  10. Chris Bluestone

    Dynamic Fishing

    Its would be good if you could use your Jetmax , Marquis , Suntrap , Squalo to driver somewhere deep in sea and do the fishing thing
  11. Chris Bluestone

    Grabcash cmd

    I hope they will change something . Because its been happening again and again .
  12. Chris Bluestone

    Hello I'm Samo!

    Hello Samo.
  13. Chris Bluestone

    Vehicle Registration.

  14. Chris Bluestone

    Speed cameras

    Pleass yes at least some of them somewhere around the town LS