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  1. Thank you boys for making my day great again ! You can close this post our request is made !
  2. Thanks , will need it !
  3. Hey there , I'm still looking for a house in El Burro Heights . Hit me up if you have one for sale Phone : 3648094
  4. I would like to see than this will be some great Street Gang story but will see that !
  5. Like I don't know much about this business but how' its work every single gas station income Fuel price is different ?
  6. Crazy ! I would love to buy one of them I can offer you 3.5mill if others are not going to
  7. Into this server is too much non RP things . People can't use good things . If they get something good they use it in wrong way !
  8. Yeap there need some turf's for the gang . Like for now gangs are borring , there is nothing to do for them . Like I know some guys who just go out and try's to find some problems to make some shoot out and fun . And that's it nothing much
  9. Yea sure you will offer ..
  10. Would you take 400k from me ?
  11. I don't know about the owner's but should be more place and like our Family could use some of them in our Roleplay !
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