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  1. This is something good ! Thank you guys !
  2. Need a place where you can park your car and no need to pay for that
  3. Its like a safe , people will hide it somewhere so you would not find it in case if you rob his house or .
  4. Yeap thats would be nice because I remember in Samp when NGG had this cool thing than you where able to buy a custom backdoor for house how meny you need ofc if there is backdoor or balcony door witch one would be really cool for all these richman/vinewood house
  5. ofc admins would be only able to place them to your house .
  6. Maybe someone already put this but I would love to see in server than you could be able to get a backdoor for a house or balcony door acces !
  7. Hey there I'm looking for a house in El Burro Heights no metter how G . I would like to check all house in this area . My phone number : #3648094 You can call me in everytime no metter day or night .!!!
  8. You got a really nice house for sale so sad I out a bit to low for this !
  9. @alexalex303 you can close this - the system unbanned my account by self ! Thanks for your time .
  10. Account name: Bluestone Character name(s): Chris Bluestone Admin who issued punishment: Date of punishment: 05.10.2019 Punishment received: 144 from that time- All together 2 weeks Reason given for punishment: DM#2 Your explanation of what happened: Everyone already know what happen . Why should your appeal be accepted?: I got my punish and I taked it , the time already passed but still the server shows I'm banned Needed to be able to join server like 1-2h back from the orginal time but still not . Post any evidence or further details: https://imgur.com/IpufjNZ
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