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  1. I 100% sure these guys are doing deam right thing in the server and love to RP with them !
  2. Guys fo real your block looks so sick and this was the thing what I wanted to see in server for really long time . And you did it . Good job boys !
  3. Good luck to survive in these streets and hope to see you guys one day !
  4. Deam , your thread looks really nice ! Keep it up guys and I hope one day will meet you all in-game
  5. Yea that place brings me good memorys of Barrio Time and its nice to see than someone is doing something there under Mexicano Flag . Good luck to you guys and I hope to see something really good comming out of you . OldSchool Roleplay
  6. I hope you will bring Barrio back like it was in old days when NLA was there
  7. Ow this been placed here many times but yea ofc I been waiting for this long . I hope in the future we will see something like this than people will be able to choose a new interiors for they cribs !
  8. @Kevin420 good story !
  9. You should find that out in IC !
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