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  1. nevermind I am retarded didn't read the post correctly
  2. Gangula

    Display name change

  3. Gangula

    Faction Wide Vehicle GPS

    Exactly ... I rushed the comment and made it just about DCC but make it so MD , DCC and Mechanic Towtrucks make a blip when they are arriving on the location so you can actually see if someone is coming , where they are etc.
  4. Gangula

    Faction Wide Vehicle GPS

    Love the idea but would also like if there was a blip implemented when someone accepts your request so you can see it on the minimap and the big map ( just c/p same one that police uses for backup and paint it yellow/orange instead )
  5. Gangula

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    I don't know about you , but when I rent a car irl I do not get limited to the speed or anything besides my common sense and decision making
  6. Gangula

    [SOLD] Maxed Elegy Retro

    Price you are looking for Reece?
  7. Gangula

    Pervasive issue with Non-RP

    To be honest , i don't see what is the problem here? Obviously a criminal who robs stores , makes and sells drugs , kills people for living will not have respect towards you ? Try talking to someone from a legal faction / job and see if they call you a bitch ... I mean common , stop trying to find an excuse to make a forum post and complain , people are bitching about everything in reports and makes the game immersion ruined on so many occasions where people don't like something or is on the edge between a rule break and something that isn't but they are not pleased with the situation so they try and find the smallest thing to report and complain about to get attention and to punish someone oocly for what they've done to them icly ... All I can say is , grow up and toughen up , stop complaining and start playing <- not only directed to the people on this thread but to everyone who shares the same I WILL REPORT YOU mentality , maybe if people invested 50% of effort they invest in recording and making reports into actual RP server would be on a higher quality of RP
  8. Gangula

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    Colby knows it +1
  9. Gangula

    Camera damage after crash

    I fucking love this , +2
  10. Gangula

    [Auction] Warehouse

  11. Alot of assasinations of presidents happened infront of city halls for example but here that will never be possible , just one of the examples 😕 I think NCZ create too much safety in the city since there is too many of them inside it ( 7 if my counting is good ) so almost always you will be able to reach one or sit in it and wait ... I've had a situation happen where a guy was basicly " NCZ Baiting " as in standing in front of bank because he knew I had KOS and laugh about it in /b ... It's quite frustrating in situations like that where people abuse the fact that they are protected like a polar bear and just use it to mock you and 10 other people that are standing there and waiting for them to leave.. I've personally spent 3h that day waiting for a guy to leave and oh boy it felt good after he ended up shot but at the same time I don't think I will ever spend 3 irl hours again waiting for someone to move ...