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  1. Jens


    1. Marc


      waow, heisann

    2. Jens


      har du død?

    3. Marc


      karakteren min på serveren er ganske død, meg personlig lever fortsatt så vidt 🙂

  2. Marc

    Less prison time

    Need lower prison times at the current state, there is literally no RP in there and the whole place is dead. I can't stand looking at a wall for 10 hours. The most exciting thing in there was to dance and play dice...
  3. Account name: Marc Character name: Marc_Lost What I want voided: Reason: Well, 3 of them are from the time where I was a staff member and I was just testing out stuff on myself. The one where Glubu jailed me is from where I was in a endless loop of crashing so I asked him to ajail me in order to get out of it.
  4. Marc

    Gimme usergroups <3

  5. Marc


    1. Glubu


      Love you too Marc 😘 

  6. Ban have expired, unsure to why no reply happend.
  7. Rejected as it happend once, also Franco you've been banned like 4 times for the same. Gotta be able to take some of the dirt you've thrown previously.
  8. Pending @DutchProjectz story as he issued the ban.
  9. You've been unbanned as you were protecting the point from being taken. Closed/Resolved
  10. Closed, ban have expired already.
  11. Vincent will be unbanned.
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