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  1. Marc

    Less prison time

    Need lower prison times at the current state, there is literally no RP in there and the whole place is dead. I can't stand looking at a wall for 10 hours. The most exciting thing in there was to dance and play dice...
  2. Marc

    Gimme usergroups <3

  3. Marc


    1. Glubu


      Love you too Marc 😘 

  4. Aye, I am having some forum issues my guy. Trying to post a Criminal Faction thread but I can only type out the title and access the poll options but not the actual body of the thread, is there any reason for that?

  5. Hello, can you please help me ? I cant pass the QUIZ

  6. Hi Marc I need help to answer the questions about the server ^ ^ I hit 5 and errei 5 could help me?

  7. Hi Marc, how can i change my name of my character roleplay?

  8. Marc


    Welcome to Eclipse Network. We don't have a set RP standard. It all depends on you and the other individual you roleplay with to set the "RP level" for that conversation/situation.
  9. Marc

    [Eclipse-RP] Caught on Camera #16 (GTA:N)

  10. Got a Medusa, using the electric hive :?