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  1. Hi Eclipse. I figured I might as well dip my toes in the water and start to get to know the community around here, I haven't been on a forum for so long it's had to have been years. I found this server through some curious googling - I used to roleplay in San Andreas back in the day, mainly the resident evil roleplay server and one other one that I can't remember, it's been much too long. I'm going to pretend you're interested in knowing more about me - and then I'm going to disappoint you by saying that I'm excited to get to know all of you as I grow into my own on the server. (In reality, I know you're praising the old gods that this thread isn't going to be that savanna level of dryness and length. Who really cares, right? That's right, nobody. No one ever went on a introductions thread to actually make a friend. Who even knows if the new kid will stick around at all and be worth the interest.) *ahem.* As I was saying -- I'm sorry to leave your insatiable thirst for the details of my life and persona unquenched, but i must remain an enigma to all in plain site. Like Wesley, from Princess Bride, only less dashing and handsome, and with minus one girlfriend. Perhaps just as skilled at fencing however, though I don't study Fiore. Inconceivable! also the title is a true story
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