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Buff Gun Damage - Nerf Melee

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Well, /title. The damage output by melee is too damn high, you can one shot with a nitestick (or well, not really, but nearly, think it's 70-80 damage) whereas a shotgun requires you to unload several slugs into someone for them to drop.

For cops who have kevlar vests, it'd be cool if you could register where the vest is so that if people shoot us anywhere else but our vest, it'd take away health, whereas if they shoot us in the torso/back, it'd take away armor. This would just make kevlar vests more realistic.

We also need a buff in weapon damage, it should be easier to kill someone with a gun than it currently is. I shouldn't have to shoot someone in the head 10 times with a pistol to kill them, or Carbine Rifle 9 times.

Current Damage (All but melee attacks removes armor or health of equal value):
Pistol Body: 9
Pistol Head: 9
Combat Pistol Body: 9
Combat Pistol Head: 9
Pistol .50 Body: 17
Pistol .50 Head: 17
SNS Pistol Head: 10
SNS Pistol Body: 9
Heavy Pistol Head: 14
Heavy Pistol Armor: 11
Carbine Rifle Head: 11
Carbine Rifle Body: 10
SMG Head: 7
SMG Body: 7
Shotgun Head: 39
Shotgun Body: 38
.50 Cal Sniper Head: 72
.50 Cal Sniper Body: 72

When we were back on GTA:N (I believe it was, or GT-MP), you could kill someone with 2 shots in the head with a pistol .50.

On GTA:N, this was the weapon damage:


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1 hour ago, inorigj said:

But No. Pistol dosnt do 9dmg. I did around 90 With 1 shot With a pistol once.

Skip to 1:10


just a glitch with the health bars, if you're out of rendering distance of a player the next time you come into contact with them it will appear as though they have full HP. You can see he gets out of the car limping, he was already at low health.

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2 hours ago, inorigj said:


But No. Pistol dosnt do 9dmg. I did around 90 With 1 shot With a pistol once.

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I tested this with Beet and filled in numbers as I went through each gun though..

OT: It also seems that you do lower damage under the torso, cba to fill it in today but will probably do it tomorrow. 


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