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  1. Lmao welcome to the real world every job u have is like this, I'm 24 working at a place with people who have been there 20 years and I make the same as them down to the penny.
  2. Hell yea lets get a Los santos x games going with dirt bike races and jumps, sky diving and BASE jumping
  3. +1 but we just need a script not player staff
  4. Yay! Chop shop changes, hopefully I won't get arrested / robbed every time I try to sell a car
  5. +1 could also have it like a random string of 8 numbers 1-9 and when buying a ticket u put in your numbers if any match u get pay out, more number matched = more cash. If you match 3 or more numbers you are considered a "winner" and are no longer allowed to buy tickets until next number draw. And if you win it wouldn't say what numbers where matched just how many that way you can't tell others about a winning number
  6. +1 had s few time people just run from gun fights even after being shot like 3-4 times, not really realistic
  7. Should add some sort of example to each job such as dockworker is to grab a flat bed truck drive it under the Crane. Load up a shipping container and drive o it a corresponding ship. Payout on compleation of each container. (What exactly do you mean by create carriers? We have a trucking job for freight. As well there is a delevery boy job already) lastly the convenience store, now it would be cool but it would lead to 2 things happening 1 players getting board standing in 1 spot hopping someone will come in and 2 they will be robbed.... a lot, and seeing as how everyone wants money the store clerk won't be a dissired job it might be more beneficial to have an alternative job of that nature such as burger shot employee so there would be extra tasks such as a timer that every 3 mins while on the job u need to "flip burgers" or to "dry fries" if failed u will be "fired" and have to start over, payout would be after a certain time on the job like every Ingame hour or every 9 mins irl for a total of 3 task completed
  8. A trucker type mission where u deliver drugs, takes cash upfront but has a big payout say buy a kilo of coke for $5000 and drop off to 5 destinations each paying 1350 or something. Would also be nice to have a blue collar crime such as money laundering or underground gambling ring with bookies
  9. -1 doesn't seem very needed, maybe change some names to match their irl car better but to find/make new assets for cars would be a whole lot of work
  10. I agree but only if the departments rival instead of work together. What I mean by that is police are already pretty abundant so having them not work together but try and work against would be helpful for criminals. From an RP point of view there feuding over funds and the department with the lower arrests looses funding. From in Ingame point of view they would fight over who is in charge. For example if a chase is in pursuit and the driver starts in blain county and is being chased by blain county sheriffs then makes it to LS. then the LSPD would have to take over since it's there jurisdiction but the blain county sheriff wouldn't want to call in the LSPD as he would loose the arrest and would then opt to keep chasing the perp alone.
  11. My idea is for PD to get a bair car system. Basically a officer would park a car and leave it unlocked once someone entered it and started the engine an alert would be send to the officer's phone. at that point the officer would get a few commands /Lockdoor to lock in the car thief, /Shutoff to turn off engine. to help balance for the thief once /lockdoor should have a 20 second timer and /shutoff should have the option for car thief to use uparrow to force start with a chance of success say 1/10. Also the car should have some limitations such as once past a certain distance from original location the officer commands no longer work (out of signal range) lastly if the thief manages to get away with car and to chopshop then the payout should be enhanced (think of all that expensive equipment and electronics needed to make the bait car work)
  12. +1 criminals need more of everything
  13. Cool idea but what would there job be? Cuz ATM criminals really don't have much and adding more law enforcer would hinder that side of the server even more
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