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The Bumblebees is a small faction created by 4 people. The gang itself is created by Harvey Spencer, but does not run the faction at his own. 
The meaning of the bumblebees is quite simple; we do out job. If we can't, we have to make it possible. We are hard workers and honest people. We are open to and for everything, so we create minimal problems with others.

It is not a "do it to them before they do it to you" faction. We mainly focus on growing at the moment.




For more info please call 5942791
For questions please call 5942791
Intrested in recruiting for this faction please call 5942791


You do not have a phone? Please approach our Bumblebus:



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6 hours ago, karpalak said:

What are your ideas and goals? What do you want to accomplish?

What we want to accomplish is safety. We currently settle a lot around Bayview, since we want to help them. The goal is helping people. We want people to work without getting disturbed. We help eachother to accomplish this.
Offcrouse new ideas will appear when we grow.


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