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The Vory Mafia

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           The days passed faster and faster when the Vory disbanded and left the city as defeated ones. The fights against council was exhausting and caused many losses for the Vory. Our crew lost many members and even more cash trying to fight with the council. But those times are in the past. One day Jamal and Emil met again and was impressed to see each other again in the town. At this time they were in the Irish crew, rolling with them and giving hard times for the others. These days were good but Jamal threw an idea towards Emil and they started talking :


  Yo, Emil, what do you think if we bring back the old times?

Emil answers : What do you mean with that?

 I mean don't you remember from where we came?

Nu yes.. I do, so I guess you mean something about Vory?

Yeah, that would be so insane to bring back the old times and with those times Vory too. So are you in?

I mean you don't need to ask for that, I'm in.

They had few good friends back in the Irish so they invited them to join the Vory aswell they were willing to be part of it too. 


      So there's where the new beginning begins. Emil started to thing what our core was in the past. The first thing which came to the mind for him was Vasiok. Nothing was heard from him long time ago, no idea what he was doing. Vasiok took the big part of the leadership back in the old days, he was in charge of whole strategy and command in the shootouts. So he tried to contact with him but the phone was off and it wasn't possible to contact with Vasiok at the moment so he left a message with the hope one day he will text back. So after couple of the days Vasiok texted him back and told him that he just got released from the prison and he would be blessed to be a part of the same crew so they met up. 



     So after the meetings with the whole core there still was a few more things to discuss.  The first and the main one was with who we will be good and what are we planning to do with the unfriendly ones. So the things were clear,  Emil and Jamal with couple more guys wants to leave them with good terms and possibilities for the future business so that would be perfect to have such a friend in the city. So Emil called Isaac and Vince to setup the meeting as fast as possible. Vince came first and we discussed nearly everything with him about our future and he didnt had hard feelings that few guys are leaving his crew. After couple of minutes Isaac came, the leader of Irish group, he said nearly the same sentences that he's not mad about it aswell and Irish is willing to work with us aswell as we are. That was very good news for us... 





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