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Korab's video vault

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War against Council when I was helping The Russian Mafia


Montage of when I was in Vory Mafia


Another montage of when I was in Vory Mafia


Fights that I had while I was rolling duo with Paul Debose


This is one of the first videos that I put more effort in to


Vory Mafia Vs Council


Montage of when I played the Lithuanian server after getting banned on the English one


Montage after I got unbanned on the English server


Montage of when I was rolling with Einaras and his crew


Fights I had with Einaras and his crew


First montage after joining Zetas


Another montage of when I was in Zetas


Montage of when I got kicked from Zetas and joined Fog City Crew


Last montage before I got banned on the English server


Montage on the Lithuanian server


Lithuanian server montage where I tried to replicate a VHS type video


PD Montage where I actually learned how to make it look like a VHS video


Montage after I got some inspiration


Montage of me and a friend from the Lithuanian server


Korab & Igor montage


Korab x Igor x Havan


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