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Los Santos Disciples

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We are known as the ‘Los Santos Disciples‘ (LSD). Currently a small cartel that is operating out of RV’s to sell drugs at a low scale. David Disciple decided to start up the cartel as he believed the city needed a new face to the run the drug industry. The brothers discovered it was hard for people to get their hands-on drugs or to find dealers. This is when David had the idea of changing the way drugs are disrupted and to start selling on the streets, deterring from the drug dropoff points.




David and Wes where the off spring of the notorious Blake Disciple, a famous drug lord during London’s 90s. Blake had 5 children, 3 of which unfortunately died during a chemical misfunction in one of his laboratories. Blake would have all of his children start work from a noticeably young age. He wanted his bloodline to continue his empire successfully which meant every child had to know exactly how to run it, when the time comes. With his secret recipe, he provided the highest quality LSD London had ever seen. After Blakes death in 1995, his son David was the only person that knew it. Blakes death ignited wars between all different cartels across England. So, David and Wes flew to Los Santos to take refuge.

10years went by and no one had heard from the brothers. Were they killed? Retired? Or, were they only just getting started… During this period of being invisible to the world, David Disciple had been teaching his brother all about their fathers’ great LSD recipe. Once they had perfected this design, David Disciple went on a mission to recruit only the best members to begin his new drug empire in San Andreas.




Los Santos Disciples (LSD) have an extremely strict ranking system. Each rank comes with its own tasks and responsibilities. As soon as your pass our “Trial” phase you will be depended upon. Our structure is very top to bottom, there will be no discussion if a rule is put in place by our Drug Lord. Its unheard of to defy or even question the high command, those that do are never seen again…

Drug Lord

The Drug Lord is the leader of the whole operation, David Disciple. Their job is to set in stone how the cartel will succeed and to decide what direction everyone should be heading in.


In other words, an Underboss. They oversee everything the cartel is working towards and help meet deadlines. When the leader is not intown, it is a Disciples responsibility to fully take charge, run meetings and keep all the operations working smoothly. Each Disciple runs a division such as, Recruitment, gang relations, drug trafficking and security.


A falcon’s job is to always be on the watch, they are to scout out areas and protect the higherups. Falcons are in charge of the Runners and the runts. They have to pick the best trials to join the runts, the ones who don’t get picked get kicked from LSD.


A highly skilled team of professionals that take out high value targets given to them by Mr Disciple himself. These men/women run a team of Mercenaries that are deployed when needing to fight off police or other threats. They have to pick the best trials to join the Expendables, the ones who don’t get picked get kicked from LSD.


Directly under the Falcons. These guys  scout areas that we are either heading to or camping at. You will often see the runners guarding higherups or being on security while a meeting is being taken place. After ranking up to a runner, you can now cook in our lab.


Mercenaries are basically our cartel’s troops. To become a Mercenary, you will need to leave your morals behind you. Under direct leadership of the Hitmen, the Mercenaries are sent out to fight battles, kill off competition or to ambush enemy drug labs. This rank is now trusted with cooking in our drug lab.


After successfully finishing your trial period, you can become a runt. If you prove yourself worthy to the Falcons, you can become a runner. A runts main job is being on lookout, distracting officers or infiltrating other cartels.  


After successfully finishing your trial period, you can become an ‘Expendable’. You will always be put on the front line of fights and have a job of risking your life to save others. This role is extremely daring but is vital to the cartel.


You have a 7day period to prove yourself a valuable asset. You will be tested by our high command in 3 categories to see if you have what it takes to join our cartel.




The ‘Los Santos Disciples’ cartel has ambitions to grow strong in numbers, recruiting chemists to work in our labs, thugs to handle security and distributers that will sell on the streets. We hope we could gain a good reputation in the crime industry and be able to supply gangs with drugs for their parties, gatherings, or meetings. Our cartel has no desire to get involved in any gang war and hope to create a good relationship with all.


·         Reach 20 members.

·         Establish our name among cartels.

·         Purchase a hideout for the whole cartel.

·         Setup a functioning drug lab in our hideout.

·         Have meetings with smaller cartels to arrange an alliance and support.

·         Secure a strong relationship with the council for heavy weaponry.




Gang Story:

Bankz: Finding My Path

Journey To Orange

Korean Triads

A higher calling

Kaito: A new chapter

Chump Change

Mac: A new Beginning


Disciple Training

Mason Ismail: A new page of life


Anthony Hunt~The Start Of Something New

A Disciple Falls

Jhian DeGuzman - Revenge Restart

Connor Hughes Story.



Lets get cooking

Cooking in the Kitchen

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Canttt be true most people I encounter on here experiences some pretty goofy moments with me & I’m an Disciple but I have allot of situations where I can’t even RP because someone hates me with out knowing me RPwise which is lame as hell. It pulls the entire roleplay experience away from a lot of our members. Hopefully iGet a chance to meet you in the city and change your point of view with the crew  

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This is not the place to make accusations against a gang. The thread's main purpose is for the organization to showcase it's roleplay, stories and media. Positive feedback is alright, but any concerns/accusations and so on should be forwarded to the faction management team. 


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                                 BANKZ: Finding My Path


                                           Bankz Dinero aka BANKZ a now known tactic specialist for the Disciples who was originally a nobody, just a fresh face in city with dreams of becoming so much more. 


After weeks of flying into the city with his two buds Jimbo &Matthew they realize this city no push over, Gangs were the almighty source to income and they were on the outside with no connect, no friends, and thankfully no foes except the regular street thugs that was trying to make a few dollars. Frustration started to fuel the thoughts of committing unspeakable crimes day after day until one day Jimbo reached out to Bankz and Matthew explaining he met some people that seem loyal and held a strong sense of moral code for a true brotherhood. That being said Bankz and Matthew was 100% ready to meet with hopes of learning more about the city and culture of community.


Now that Jimbo set up a meeting with the Leader of The Los Santos Disciples (David Disciple) it was time to finally see what they were about & to no surprise they were everything Bankz was expecting so He, Jimbo, and Matt agreed to join but It wasn’t as easy as just throwing on gang colors. They were tested mentally, physically, and emotionally to see if they could handle being a Disciple- a man of honor with strong conviction for what he believes and hold dear-. Sad to say this test was deeper than expected, within a month Bankz found himself earning stripes within The Disciples but the ones he called his original brothers went MIA. Still dedicated as ever you would see Bankz flying through the city showing off his Organization colors and handling business where ever seen fit rather it was Transporting drugs, breaking another Disciple from Prison transport, arranging meetings with other organizations or simply gunning down an opp… Bankz was your man. Time after time Bankz proven himself to his higher-ups and now he’s a glorified known member of The Disciples a trusted man among many. Yeah, he’s come a long way but this was just to get his foot in the door, now it’s time to get a seat at the table………. To Be Continued



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April 28th, David Disciple and Wes Disciple gathered theirre friends in the hot April sun at Vespucci beach. The squad posted up at the edge of the sea with the challenge of who could catch the biggest fish. James Elgato came in first place after catching a large salmon. Wes came close second and David was last. Hours went by, everyone was swimming, fattening themselves up and playing dodgeball. Then the mood changed. David Disciple stepped forward and explained the idea of starting a gang. He explained to them his Dark past in London and told them how he’d like to do the same here in Los Santos. The group talked through night on how they would go about there business. And from that day forward, they became the OG members of the ‘Los Santos Disciples’!


The following day, they planned a store robbery in Richman Glen. Three of them grabbed cash while the other had the duty of holding up the store clerk. With untold experience, David Disciple knew a large majority of stores are fitted with a silent alarm. So, they had to be careful. As soon the tills where looted they bolted. The operation was clean and quick. They all got out before the cops even knew what hit them. After a quick regroup in sandy shores, everyone knew it was time to expand their criminal lives and get serious about the future. David Disciple and Wes Disciple recruited a few more close friends, and everyone met up a week later to create a game plan for the gang.


All 8 members managed to group up in a car park north of Vinewood hills. David Disciple enforced a gold and black colour theme to the gang. Each member voted on a golden or black Devil mask. With the first outfits in place, It was time to make ourselves known to the public.


Los Santos Disciples high command met with the Leader of Alpha and Leader of 1920 to discuss an alliance. They all agreed on terms to help and back each other up if any of the 3 parties came into trouble. It was Important for David to establish connections as soon as they started up. Crime industry in Blaine County is huge and is more something you have to join than to start.


After Los Santos Disciples pledged an alliance with 1920 and Alpha, brothers David and Wes travelled over to the gangs dedicated stash house where they discussed new clothing options. David wanted the gang to stand out more, like Zetas did. Orange was the first colour that came to his mind. Blake Disciple (Their father) had been buried in an orange coffin, and out of respect for him, Wes Disciple took the commanding position and authorised a colour change.


Once again, we went back to fishing to end the week.

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Introduction to the Korean Triads.


Los Santos Disciples high command arranged a meeting with the leaders of the Korean Triads. They discussed the possibility of becoming allies. Leader, David Disciple was concerned as the gang was very new and un-heard of. Bankz Dinero believed their leader ‘Huang Pyong’ was too much of a hot head following the fight he got himself into at the police impound. Which is why the two gangs had to arrange strict terms if they where to become allies in the future.


The discussion went on, the two gangs agreed on a friendly mutuality where they would help each other out if necessary. Los Santos Disciples pledged they would not chop any of the Korean Triad cars and would help them out if they got into any trouble. Before everyone departed, Kaito Mendez, grabbed the contact details of leader Huang Pyong and his High-up Joel Burtson. 

The relationship of these two gangs has only just begun..... 

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                                  Bankz Dinero: A Higher Calling


                                                                                     With great power… comes great responsibilities

From trial to runt, Bankz knew putting in work for the crew wouldn’t be an easy task. That’s one thing that never slowed him down not even for a second. He grinded just as hard if not harder than most to solidify his name in the streets and after months of showing his worth, he was promoted and officially a higher-up for The Disciples. Earning the title as Falcon, a direct seat next to Hunter, Michael, and Kaito.


With roles being filled and members growing rapidly, Bankz & The Disciples was faced with issues left and right. Struggling to maintain order among the wild recruits who were unhappy with the process of earning, they chose to hit a known drug lab where they were unexpectedly greeted by the notorious gang of Dojin Kai. The LSD recruits reported to Bankz one of the trigger happy recruits let shots go from fear of being killed on sight for being in one of their labs, which ultimately caused a lot of deaths on the Disciples side. Bankz tried to communicate with the members that followed the pre-trial Disciples, but it was too late. The Dojins were out for blood.



After a meeting with Dojin, fellow higher ups Hunter & Michael left the family. When they left they took over half of our members with them, poisoning the minds of the remaining members. Fueled from nothing but spite the new group began harassing the remaining loyal members for not leaving; it got so bad the only ones left were forced into hiding until reinforcements could help prevent these robberies from people they once called brothers…. 


Enough was enough, Bankz was ready for war. Not bothered by the decline of members, livin’ by saying his father taught him “ 5 loyal men, worth more than 100 strangers” he believed in his boyz and knew they could handle all da smoke when the heat started turning up. Not long after flying back in the city he received a call from David Disciple w/ GPS coordinates for a secret meeting in a secured location..but with who? Who could be so important to meet with the walls closing around LSD neck??



It was Ghost. The head of Dojin Kai, one of the most respected leaders in the streets of Los Santos. David and Bankz were welcomed with open arms with hopes of a solution from all the situations occurring recently. They did exactly that, along with finding out their Ex Higher ups wasted no time finding protection with Dojin Kai. As bad as it hurted to hear, Bankz knew it was it was no going back to “normal” yet he still knew he was here for a higher calling… to help the remaining higher ups David and Kaito rebuild LSD with stronger contacts that’ll provide guns, drugs, and peace from other local gangs during the rebuilding process.



                                                 “So.. yeah they cut us in half & tried to watch as LSD bleed dry, but… we’re stronger than ever”

                                                                                                                      - BANKZ

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Kaito Mendez : A new chapter 


Kaito Mendez is a hitman with the los santos disciples. He knew that starting in a new city was going to be hard but los santos was some thing different there the only people that survive are gang members and hard workers.


Kaito had tried to work hard by mining oil but he was not meant for hard work like that. He went to college for chemistry and he knew how to cook synthetic drugs but he did not have the money to make his own lab but until one day a higher up with the disciples needed a ride to his house kaito agreed to give him a ride kaito told him about his life in san fierro and how he has made drugs for the mob but he had to leave that life because of a “accident” that had happened to his boss. Kaito left the city with just with his life and the clothes on his back. When the got the house they exchanged contact info about a week later he got a call from the higher up it was a call about a job much like his job in san fierro. The leader liked the product that he had made he started to do small jobs with them a week later he became a member of the los santos disciples.



Kaito hopes to help rebuild the gang to what it was two months ago he will do this by going to his roots of chemistry and supporting the gang with a good stream of drugs and brothers and sister that are looking for a family



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