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Jaquan Smith

Introduce temperature to the server

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I think this is a simple feature that could provide more realism to the server. Currently there is no indication if it's cold or hot or anything like that. I think this feature could be a nice introduction which would provide a reason for different clothing during different days. For example maybe Monday it's 30c outside then you wouldn't wear a coat.But another day the temperature could be 15c and so on which would indicate to dress up a little warmer, etc. This doesn't interfere with anything and is a rather trivial feature that could be used by people.

This could also be combined with a new phone system to have a weather app.

Command to add: /weather


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However, with all due respect to your suggested content, I have a different point of view. I believe that the clothing that we are wearing should not be weather dependant, we should be able to wear whatever, but if under the circumstance that the ‘/weather’ (or the phone app) is informing us of a hot weather, people may roleplay taking off some of their clothing (or do it with the inventory) and roleplay feeling sweaty, a little bit down, etc., the same thing applies for the cold weather but the other way around, it should not be a must to wear clothes to fit the weather, but a player’s preference (like how players pick to use voip over text in-game). The only reason why I supported this is because I get asked too often ICly by people whether my character is feeling cold/hot and I’m getting really frustrated with it (I am not going to specify or set the temperature) because there could be roleplay done related to the weather. Again, a player doesn’t have to follow it, it’s a personal preference, but at least have it for people who wants to roleplay it. Also, it should match the current season in real life, like if it’s mostly Winter, then the weather in the server should be based on Winter and switch to the next season after once we get into it in real life (follow our in real life season's cycle to sum this up).


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I’m not sure if this is a good or bad idea to make it based off the IC weather, but they already stated last year that people’s choice of clothing should reflect the irl weather. Cause it makes no sense when people are running round on shorts and no shirt in nov/dec when there’s snow on the ground. Would be a great way to add RP, but would make people hate it cause it limits them.

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I think adding this would be another step in "contributing to immersion." I believe Ballin pointed that out around last December that people should dress accordingly to their surroundings. Meaning no shirtless people in winter. I would be down to see people dress accordingly for once by having weather impact someones character (maybe a damage tick for being too cold but stop it at around 1/2 health, or something along those lines).

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Heres to elaborate on conditions and affects!!

I +1111 this (yes to freedom of dress with consequences!!)



Weather app notifies players that temperature is rising to 50c.

Player 1 loves trench coats.

Player 1 starts seeing a message

”You begin to sweat”

Player 1 ignores

”You feelllll dizzy” ROFL!

Player 1 Ignores And passes out!

Player 1 takes trench coat off, and it slowly goes away.


the only thing about this is i think it would require a lot of scripting for

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