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Automatic Accents Text System

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Hello there, i start Roleplaying since 2013 and i was SA-MP Player.
maybe a lot of player had already knowing this system before because SA-MP is text based. 
So i want to suggest and introduce about "Accents System" based on text, so people dont need to type [Accent] on their IC Chat.



How this system work

  • Everytime you chat IC you will get "[accentsType Accent] IC Text"
    For example : "[Russian Accent] Hello, what's your name ?"



Benefit for this features 

  • Improve and Increase roleplay experience
  • Useful for non-VOIP player exactly Text based player.
  • More Roleplay in every scene with an accents.



What things needed to put on the script

  • Based on my experience its only need "Variable" for save the accents and need to put more strings on IC Text *If needed*
  • Also command for add the accent like "/accents [accentType]"

Feel free to reply !

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2 hours ago, kenichis said:

Why do you think so? For me text has been a favorite and its much easier to get into character for me using text. I usually reserve voice for when I'm driving or actively doing something

Text RP is terrible you tend to get ignored in most conversations or not even noticed. No one tends to look at the text box if all the other people are using VOIP.


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Also when "speaking" fully different languages you have to manually put down "[Language]" infront of your message. I would love to see a more permanent solution for these things. In the past I did some RP with accents and stuff, but it's too annoying to keep doing it with /me's and stuff.

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