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    VDM id 82

    Fixed dont know why this is a thing everytime. Something small to add in defence of why this was realistic,if you look closely on 1:44 none of the enemys are in a combat position,with guns out or in my direction and they have no idea of me coming.
  2. Castro7

    VDM id 82

    Hello everyone,Im the individual ID 82 getting reported here. Im going to provide you with my side of story and the evidence behind it. In the provided footage,you see me and my squad driving around in a convoy to an undisclosed location. Triads and WCA start following us with their bikes,coming inside the convoy attempting to get a VDM right to shoot us down due the desync ramming. At this point i would like to address that they didn't care for their safety as they all drive inside a moving convoy at high speeds,knowing that they might get hit and fall off the bike.Moving on,as we stop, triads and wca didn't insert them selves in no hostile situation but they made a threatening situation by aiming the AK at our group giving out demands.Please pay attention to the following point as its crucial.When a person puts you under gunpoint it is called a hostile situation,the fact that his friends came there means they inserted themselves into that hostile situation as they didn't drive off and instead continued following.Later on as we continue driving,They again proceeded to go after us and inserting themselves into the situation,stated by the rule book,every individual at the scene is a target. When ID 190 gets off his bike and gives commands,I ram him over for my safety.Then coming back to hit the triads that were threatening my friends life,while no guns were out by them yet and it was at the right timing as my life doesnt get in direct danger,only at the very last moment when im getting shot but at that time i was already away and succeed to flee safe.On my prospective is really realistic as i was in no direct danger and i was hitting another player. My answer to your question Mickey on why I made more than one attempt is because I was aiming at hitting not the same person.The rules as exactly state i cant hit a player more than one time.Its designed PER player and not per group.Meaning that if someone inserts himself into a hostile situation as i explained above,according to the rules i have one attempt to hit them either that is successful or not.The rules doenst clearly state your point,that you can only attempt hitting someone once and it doesnt matter if its not the same person.It doesnt refer to players but player.So in my mind i can hit everysingle of them ONCE and only if im in not direct danger ofcourse and thats why i didnt just stayed there drifting around trying to hit them all but realistically went away gained speed and striked once again. Rules arent written in this detail that the incident happened and the detail its analyzed by the reporting party. If Im wrong in this argument and really made such a bad rp experience for the fellow players im trully sorry and im more than willing to solve this out.Lastly adding on that from my perspective all this happened realisticly as i was in no direct danger,each hit had its different reason behind it and flee when i got in direct danger.I had nothing to lose icly not even a knife on me meaning that wasnt a way of me trying to save ic assets by rule breaking,no ooc beef over someone meaning that this wasnt intended to just rage over you and ''Mass VDM'' as you type oocly. Once again really sorry if I made this gunfight such a bad rp scenario for you guys. Thanks for reading. My POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=000wgQ7wijQ&t=69s
  3. i remember times when 3g were being sold for 400k,maybe less lol what went wrong xD gg
  4. I would start with 800k
  5. its been not even 48hrs yet,jeez i told you give me 1-2 days to come in game,why do you even care about me bidding here?lol
  6. Depends,if its around for 2 weeks during chrimstas wouldnt be bad,but if its going to be there for 2months,then hell NOOO
  7. Im not sure if in the past,when you were getting haunted by zetas,how many ic priviliges you had?Fot sure not a squad of 10people vs over 200people.Setting up an hq as a turf and trying to maintain it,means that we are going to play the mod from gta online that you and your friends keep killings waves of people and you have to survive.That is not rp!The fact we started a war is based on madeup rp which i got no problem with some stories being made with extra sauce on them but the fact that you haunt for a reason isnt valid.I even find my self bored and just going up north for some action.You guys(squad of 20 with multiple gangs involved) following me around,i really dont know what you expect from me to do as rp.When i get big and finally get the possibility to show dominance,trust me i wont be chasing underdeveloped organizations on the bank just to ruin their rp and trashtalk that heavily about their money,looks,actions.Like really talk to your people,this is not rp,this is clowning.IC we got business going wrong not personal issues.Having 10 people laughing for my appearance of my virtual char is what i call the current criminal rp.
  8. NCZs became a meeting point sadly,and yeah rply is a trash behavior from us n im sorry,but in order to survive we gotta abuse that.The fact that the server doesnt give you guys something to keep you busy,makes you to just search for people to clap,making us not possible to rp at all as we have to fight 24/7 something that isnt realistic and wont help developing our faction.Both sides are lacking rp due the criminal system right now.Just to let you know jay you about to witness great rp from us in the following weeks!
  9. Trash rp having to stay at ncz aswell.
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