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  1. i got you some work 5438336
  2. Castro7

    ID 43, 60, 79

    Hello there Im ID 43 Xan Castro,this incident happened like one week ago.All i can recall is that i came up to the bridge seeing the white car(ID 174) ramming and damaging my friends property. He was stalling rp,not complying ic at all and not responding then he hopped in the car and didnt hop off just stayed there,all i thought was that he was trying to escape,in my eyes he was in the drivers seat or thats what i thought,it was just reflexes.then killing him as I got scared he might leave.You showed 0 IC complience with me! I never saw the ooc chat and when i did,it was way too late.You never got out the car for me aswell,only after you got killed.You could avoid this,when you missclicked you could use voip or chat even faster,you wrote at ooc way to late,maybe you missclicked and pressed g instead of f.I can also see from your evidence is that you tried to combat log. Im pretty sure we talked about this after the incident,thought everything was resolved,why you reporting me now man?When in reality you are reporting your self here as you are breaking fearrp!Anyway,in general this took place long time ago,you shouldnt post this now,its a rule,plus you missclicked and wrote it at ooc way too late.This could get avoided as there was no advantage for me and my friends killing you as we already took your stuff. In general: You broke Fearrp. You rammed the property of a friend. Stalled rp. You didnt comply with me IC. You tried to combat log by pressing alt f4. The incident took place over a week ago. I never saw you saying ''accident'' on ooc in time. You didnt try to avoid this.
  3. I was following some wanted dudes with my white n red brawler and went to check sealab when suddenly we get shot without any rp.These guys would clearly see that me and triads had nothing to do with them over there and started dming everyone. Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason.
  4. Nice thread,never saw you in town tho. Was that headshot only shots from that distance?🤨
  5. Its just an rp reason which in reality its really both,when my actual ''main'' character will be Xan. RP fits great in my story as George isnt a criminal and trying to join DCC and LSPD,Xan comes to save his brother but he gets his life destroyed as he cant find money and starts to find alternative ways to get paid(criminal).Aim is Xans saves his brother out of debt but gets into criminal actions and continue on that road
  6. Thanks but not sure if its from the update,i had that issue before the update aswell.Im gonna try your solution but the best solution i got for now is to set my res to the lowest possible,meaning im gonna lose the eclipse hud so no inventory not drug making or whatever.
  7. Issue Being Reported: I start Rage,loading in login screen,i put my username and password and by the time i press enter to login,it crashes! Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 7/28/19 3:00 UTC Your characters name: Xan Castro Other player(s) involved: None Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: None
  8. Character to Transfer From: George Castro Character to Transfer To: Xan Castro Requested Transfer Faction (H509FJ9T) Bf400 (3HCF9883) Prairie (EFPG1DRV) Reason for Transfer: George Castro fell in a huge debt and tried to suicide,after talking to his younger brother Xan about his problem, Xan came to Los Santos as fast as possible to help his brother out with his economics. Xan is a marketer and has the contacts and information that he needs to sell all the cars of his brother in the best price possible and getting him out of the debt. George will also gift his brother the bf400 as he wants a vehicle to go from point A to B for the time that he is gonna be in town. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? With anyone who is willing to help me.
  9. Castro7

    Rage wont update?

    Ah never seen that before,hope it works thanks!
  10. So as i got in today,it did an update of 3gbs,when it finished downloading,it said that installation failed and gtav.exe failed to start.Now i go to RAGE again and it says that i need to get the 1.46 but the solutions that is offering wont work.Anyone having the same issue or can help? http://prntscr.com/oixhh0
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