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Clancy WIggum

Neighborhood Watch

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Since 1972, the National Neighborhood Watch Program has worked to unite law enforcement agencies, private organizations, and individual citizens in a nation-wide effort to reduce crime and improve local communities. The success of the program has established Neighborhood Watch as the nation’s premier crime prevention and community mobilization program. Visible signs of the program are seen throughout America on street signs, window decals, community block parties and service projects.


A group of senior citizens forced into retirement noticed that Los Santos was in need of the help of the neighborhood watch. With the masses of millennials, gangs, and all the god damned weirdos that have come to inhabit Los Santos they knew that something had to be done to make Los Santos a safer place.


Our mission is to return America to the once great nation it was, like back in the 50s. When you could still slap a woman for calling another guy the bees knees. When you could go out to eat and blow you cigar smoke right in the face of the baby across from you. When you could still get drunk and beat the shit out of your kid without worrying about some asshole taking you to jail. Ya the good ole days........



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Ross was asked what info he had on the gangs in town. After mentioning that the had info on the wanted, zetas, and some idiots in yellow, he was told to forget the zetas.

But due to ross’s  Dementia he couldn’t remember who to forget, causing what Ross though was a large child dressed as Superman to  torture  him by breaking his fingers and eventually removing his head with a large chainsaw. 



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46 minutes ago, krooks365 said:

Y'all made my fucking night yesterday. I've never laughed more in my life. Best of luck to you.

Thanks man, We only made these guys t to bring some more funny rp to the server. So we appreciate when someone enjoys role playing with us.

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