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Frag montage

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It is sad to see that you guys do not like these kind of videos, however not everyone shares the same opinions as you guys.

There is no need to be so insulting and negative about it though. 

By the way, nice video man!

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On 10/21/2019 at 5:59 PM, Chronius420 said:

lol im banned for combat log not dm , compared with me , ur shooting skills are as bad as my grandma lel

Lmao never have I met a bigger idiot than you in all my time half your posts are like a dyslexic 3 year olds and your “shooting skills” are trash get good kiddo 🖕🏻

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I would like to inform you that adding some backstory about the shootouts and what happened that you were leaded to the situation can help your topic, and you can go on with it and make it as gallery for yourself too.

I don't mind watching shootouts on the Eclipse rp forum(better than getting in the game and getting robbed 20 times in a minute) but adding more stuff can be very helpful and will avoid negativity from you and your thread.

Thanks for sharing the video.


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