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bullets shop ( very simple )

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8 minutes ago, obama said:

@TreMetal an npc shop will not help if we add them to the ammunation gun prices can raise up and the city will be more safe so we can reduce crimes  and add a judicial system and make the game more realistic .

Nothing you've said here makes any sense.

NPC shop that sell bullets would be perfectly fine. 

Raising prices of guns makes the city LESS safe because criminals already get guns for less than they are in the gun shops because criminals own the gun shops and sell them to themselves/friends for less than the price legal gun buyers pay for them. Not to mention this would also let criminals sell their stolen guns for even more than they get now which will incentivize robbing people for their guns.  This also completely ignores the fact that guns are already at a price inflated something at least 2x their value in their current state (they were making profit at ~4.2-5k and are now charging ~10k for .50).

Judicial system has nothing to do with this suggestion.

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6 minutes ago, Donovan said:

no, stop trying to make official factions have less and less impact so regular gangs can be equal..

Is your point really you wouldn't want something as simple and realistic as ammunition added to legal gunstores because it would have an impact on "official" gangs?

+1 on the suggestion to add ammo to gunstores, -1 to well, everything else in this topic.

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9 hours ago, SkuLLar said:

it makes sense but gun owners will just get richer and richer and the economy of the server will just go down the drain as there will be 6 people holding the whole city in their palm, money wise.



+1 for the suggestion but there should be illegal ways of purchesing the bullets too :))) (i know you can buy from officials but you know what i mean :))))

there is an illegal way already

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47 minutes ago, kenichis said:

I agree that it would make sense. It wouldn't only benefit criminals but also legal workers who carry weapons. +1 even though the rest of what you said made no sense.

actually all i've said makes sense , gun prices can raise up if we add bullets store

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