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Low End and High End Rework

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There have been multiple threads on adding more spaces to high end many good comments within those threads. Based on what I have read, I would like to make a suggestion for a car market rework. 

I try to flip cars but it take so long with the limited space at high end. Sadly, not very many people look to the IC market places and therefore, it is challenging to sell cars if there are never any spaces at high end. It is also really awkward when you have a car that you want to sell for $40.000. With low end topping out at $30,000 and high end bottoming out at $50,000 there is that weird grey area.

Benefits to the rework:

1) More economy sinks to help with inflation. 

2) More opportunity for people to sell their vehicles. 

3) No gap in coverage 

Proposed changes:

Three different tiers of car market places that do not have gaps in sale coverage.

1) Low end - $500 listing(5% tax). $1-$50,000 price range.

2) Mid tier - $1500 listing(5% tax). $50,000-$200,000 price range.

3) High End  - $3000 listing(5% tax). $200,000+ price range.


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I'd like at least an explanation to why HE hasn't been expanded, or a new lot added.

This change is asked for several times a week. Curious if its just technical and they will get to it, or they don't want to do it for some reason. I can't come up with any reason why this would be a bad change.

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