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Namechange to delete /alias

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10 minutes ago, Randyrandul said:

Why would it change it? Regardless of what you have changed your name to, they will know you by your old name. The only thing that should remove alias is plastic surgery as people wouldn't recognize you. 

Yep, but if that's not possible/not being asked to do it,, they should make it with names.

The problem I see with doing it with surgery is knowing when you changed enough to be classes as not recognized, as other wise it would be like, add blushing and there you go...

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A CK option at MD sounds better. It deletes your alias. Both too you and you to others. Gives you a cooldown to join any faction. You can make a new face. Resets drivers license and gun license. Only thing you keep is your bank account. And teleports you to the airport.

This needs to be made though so admins can still investigate stuff.

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