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No Crime Zone Trial Change

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As we're all aware, there has been a trial of an lessening of restrictions of No Crime Zones and while the original post claims they were made for a different environment. I think what has been very clear is that there is still a section of our community that if they have the opportunity to do something stupid, they will.

This was evidenced most publicly by people starting shootouts inside Pillbox, which a head administrator had to intervene in on but since then, individuals have broken into vehicles at a police station and stolen vehicles. Dropping off bodies at Pillbox is also a dicey proposition as you have to unlock a vehicle to open the trunk, leave the trunk open while you retrieve the body on timer, drop the body on a timer and close the trunk / lock the vehicle. Individuals have used that as an opportunity to do stupid things and while the staff team might say report it, the simple fact is, it's a real inconvenience at times to do so because there has to be an investigation and you can't simply go about your business as you would normally.

The hospital would be full of witnesses. the PD and SD, in roleplay, would be full of heavily armed cops.

More situations that require staff intervention are not good and it's created a situation that Weazel News have exploited IC, where PD vehicles have been broken into. Reality is, without the NCZ, Mission Row has the largest collection of high end cars in the server, that can be robbed so inevitably, people are going to be drawn to doing dumb shit there and clearly not understanding that they shouldn't.

I can appreciate the reasoning behind the change, in that we don't want to give individuals a safe zone to flee to but this change has in my view, been like putting a thumbtack in with a sledgehammer.

So, rather than removing the NCZ script support from these locations, just simply state that if you take an active situation into an NCZ, you can be dealt with as if the NCZ doesn't matter. So if you are fleeing into an NCZ from someone trying to rob you or kill you, they can still continue that action.

The reality is that, in the absence of the requested faction parking at legal faction places or a script that allows the direct removal of bodies from a trunk (like coroners) have, this rule change creates as many issues as it solves and in that sense, this is not a good trial.

Additionally, instead of removing the NCZ around police stations and hospitals, remove it around the banks instead. Because #1, most individuals do not really carry cash on them any more. #2 individuals use these areas as safe parking zones (I know, i issue tickets like a motherfucker). #3, robbing the Pacific Standard Bank in Los Santos itself would be a completely different experience for everyone than the Fleeca Banks which are the same.

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I’m still not sure how parking is that huge of a deal when legion square parking is literally walking distance around 1 corner.

The hospital shootout was a once occurring thing like day 1 or 2 that put everyone on the same page after and to my knowledge hasn’t happened since. I don’t think that’s much of a benchmark.

Weazel taking the picklocking thing ic when it’s just a result of a rule change is silly though, I agree.

For what are mostly minor inconveniences, and the odd goober taking advantage, the rule change has created a lot of rp scenarios and enabled some good rp that I’ve seen first hand.

I still think we could do with more time trialing.

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Weazel hasn't done anything wrong in that sense but at the same time, it's something that has come about as a result of this when it previously wasn't a factor.

Had we received the faction parking we wanted or been able to lock our gates at the time this was changed, it wouldn't have been an issue.

This is one of the issues that came from this change.

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Weazel did exploit that in-character, which is why I added it. You're not wrong for doing it, but you've used what has come from this in-character.
That said, if we'd had time to adequately adapt or any of our requests had been granted, then our vehicles wouldn't have been broken into.

I think everyone can agree it's really not good roleplay to rob vehicles at a police station but in the absence of the NCZ, it has happened anyway and its now effecting roleplay.

As for @Ash's comment, with all due respect, there is a reason why every government faction parks around their HQ, including all the factions you have been in. It's convenient. Running back and forth to Legion Square at the end or start of your shift isn't convenient, for any faction including MD and PD who are the closest.

I don't want to get bogged down in the Weazel thing and lose sight of what is important.

This NCZ change might have fixed one issue but it's caused others and I'd like to suggest changing it how I said in the initial post so those issues do not persist. 

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8 minutes ago, Bala said:

It's convenient. Running back and forth to Legion Square at the end or start of your shift isn't convenient, for any faction including MD and PD who are the closest.

We’ve had no issues adapting at MD. Only people who have had issues are ones too lazy to move their car down the road.

But my point being, the minor inconvenience of needing to walk around the corner isn’t justification to 180 on the change imo.

44 minutes ago, Asbo said:

IC man, nothing to do with the rulechange 🙂

It’s as a pretty direct result of the rule change but it’s also rp so nothing much to complain about regarding it tbh 🙌

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I don't think it makes RP sense to rob cars inside a police station that is heavily populated with police officers. While I do understand how the recent changes of the NCZ rule have allowed for more RP to criminals, the change should, imo, be for places where it's reasonable to conduct minor robberies. For example, minor robberies could happen at hospitals, but surely not inside a police station.

+ Here, you won't always have officers (actual players) inside the precinct/station like RL.

Tldr; make PD precincts/SD stations NCZs.

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I don't mind whether NCZs were reverted back or not, but I agree with Bala on this following point:

We have upgraded our MLO for a reason, we have parking garages with doors for a reason.

Why can't we just add them as a faction door that can be locked/unlocked like every other door? Yeah, people shouldn't be robbing vehicles there and we are told to report it but why I do I have to go through staff to fix a situation that shouldn't have been there to begin with?

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I personally was dubious about the NCZ change when it first came in and thought it could open some areas up to becoming the wild west, but I am pretty pleased to say that, in my experience, I was wrong. There have been many more opportunities for RP and for criminals to RP acts in these zones now that I actually think it's a positive change for the server. 

I understand there was the pillbox shoot-out, but this largely was an isolated event in the first few days, just like Ash said, and it was dealt with already, so I am not entirely sure its the best marker for why we need NCZ's there.

The picklock ing of cars is frustrating and its a pain I feel since Weazel, which has a gated back parking, at a busy News Network Studio, with multiple cameras focusing on the parking, which is right beside a busy construction site, in the middle of a populated city, has long been a target for multiple car picklockings a day.  I certainly do not think it's justification for putting up a NCZ around a police station again, since one facet is suddenly strangling a whole host of new RP scenarios that have opened up. Reporting an individual for non-rp picklocking and the subsequent staff investigation would really only take a select few players out of RP for a short period of time, versus a NCZ which completely removed RP opportunities for players, until their removal in those zones.

I am sure there are also IC actions that could be taken to mitigate the picklock issue at PD such as parking in a legion square, cycling to work, not keeping your items in a car etc. The removal of the NCZ's around the server, in retrospect, has been a great relief to potential RP blockers and looking back, their existence did not make the greatest of sense either. Its claimed these areas would be "considered populated, extremely public, and areas that would have ample security measures such as cameras, staff, and so forth" but realistically we take many liberties with how populated San Andreas is, and quite rightly so for gameplay aspects. 

The long term opportunities for RP and the benefits that bring, greatly outweighs short term teething problems that can be mitigated via added faction lockable doors, or mitigated via IC decisions.


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