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The Last Riders MC

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In his early days, Ruther Cashile and his family owned and operated a motorcycle repair shop called Rider’s Repair. Ruther’s parents, Maria and Vince, owned the business and his sister, Elise, helped out where needed. Ruther worked with his long time friends, Zane and Jonny, as mechanics. This small business of close friends and family was successful for a very long time as they poured their heart and soul into their work, providing the highest quality custom work the community had ever seen.

People had began to take notice of the companies success. One morning in 1991 three customers were in the waiting room, while Elise was on the phone with another client. Maria and Vince were working in their office with a window facing the front desk where Elise was often working. Ruther's father would often gaze through the window at Elise thinking of how proud he was of his daughter and family, growing into such hardworking and family oriented people. While gazing at his daughter, reflecting on how much she has grown since being a small little girl, one of the customers reaches into his jacket's pocket and pulls out a small object. Ruther's father reaches to his desk and slides on his glasses in order to bring the scene into focus. The small object is now in focus. It is an open-bolt, blowback operated submachine gun and it is being pointed straight at Elise’s head.

Yelling can be heard through the office window as the man makes his demands which draws Maria’s attention to the scene and inducing immediate panic. Ruther's father quickly reaches into his drawer lifting out a sawed off shotgun he had hoped he would never have to use, and aimed it through the window at the man with the gun. He didn’t have a clean shot. One of the other men now standing the waiting room shouted “Look out he’s got a gun!”. The man squeezes the trigger of the Uzi, emptying the clip in the families general direction. Ruther and Zane heard the shots from the garage and looked at each other with ghostly looks. They began yelling for Jonny as they ran towards the office to see the cause of what clearly sounded like gunshots. “Where the fuck is Jonny” Ruther asked Zane as they pick up 9mm’s from a cabinet, preparing for the worst as they make their way to the office.

The door to the office slammed open as Ruther and Zane come rushing through. Elise bloodied body is on the floor near the counter. Three men stand in the office around a safe where two more bodies lay on the floor nearby. Ruther drops to the floor as he analyzes the scene, clearly overwhelmed with shock and panic. The three men look over and one yells “Put your fucking hands up”. Zane looks to his left out the front door window and sees a customers car that Jonny was working on drive past the window. The man yells “Last chance, unless you want to join these people in heaven”. Ruther blankly stares on his knee’s, Zane puts his hands up. Seconds later the costumer's car smashes through the front window crashing directly into the men. One man his pinned by the car and dies instantly, the other two are tossed to the side. Zane quickly draws his 9mm and unloads 8 bullet clip at the men, killing them both. Years go by, Ruther is never the same. He never returns to Rider’s Repair. Instead “The Last Rider’s” form promising to rid the city of all lowly life forms so that what happened in 1991 can never happen again.






After 91’ everything changed for the group. Scarred by the event, Ruther dedicated his entire life to protecting those still around him, by any means necessary. He swore to never let anything like what occured in 91’ happen again. He founded a motorcycle club called The Last Riders. His number one priority and objective was to keep everybody safe. This carried over into the way the MC was run. In the beginning it was just Ruther, Jonny and Zane. Very quickly they started getting attention as people wanted the protection that being in TLR MC offered. Soon the club had numerous Prospects eager to officially join the MC. Years go by and these prospects evolve into respected members of the club. With the increase in size the MC then began to thrive. In a short amount of time, The Last Riders had become the biggest motorcycle club in town. The club continues to grow to this day as Zane, Ruther and Jonny carefully plan the clubs future.




TLR MC cruising around Los Santos



This is a video of Last Riders in formation.

More coming up soon!


Clubs Activities


In the clubs infancy things were rough because the small group of friends had no steady source of income. The club's founders did what they know best, turn wrenches. They started buying cars, bikes, anything that they could buy, fix, and sell for small profit. This wage was not sustainable as the club got bigger. They began to organize, get street smart, find crafty ways of making money. They did not rob the innocent for money, as they had seen enough violence and they wanted to be a positive force in the community. This was a common conflict point for the group in the beginning because playing by all the rules did not make money. Starting small like robbing stores for beer and some money for bikes, they eventually organized a large drug operation and began making connections with many of the underground organizations in Los Santos. The group was ambitious, armed with the same motivation and drive that made Rider’s Repair successful they began extending into other commerce. They began trading heavy weaponry to the organizations in the city through the connections they had made in drug trade. All of this activity drew attention, and the club began to grow at an accelerated rate.


In their free time they can be found at the Yellow Jack Bar playing poker, drinking beer, maintaining their bikes sticking to their roots. The Last Riders only participate in illegal activities when strictly necessary. They still sell all kind of vehicles they can buy cheap and fix. The motorcycle club is often seen riding in formation at low speeds around the streets of Los Santos offering a lending hand to those in need.




TLR MC cruising around Los Santos




TLR's at work




Future Plans


Today the clubs main objective is acquiring a large clubhouse at Sandy Shores to help organize further and continue growing while maintaining high quality within their ranks. The club is looking to gain more control in Sandy Shores and maybe one day own the Yellow Jack. The Last Rider's plan to keep good relations with other organizations and gangs but continue to grow in power so that they are ready to retaliate if needed. Buying houses in Sandy Shores both, small and large is a top objective so that shelter is available for every member of the MC. Their long term plan is to acquire a weapons warehouse, however there is much work to be done. Finally, the club has future business plan's of owning a general store and using their members and connections to protect and maintain it.





((Recruitment happens strictly ICly))


If you happen to come across a member and express interest, you must prove you have potential to be a quality member of the club. You’re chances of becoming a prospect are increased if you have previous experience with motorcycles and/or motorcycle clubs, though not a requirement. To become a Prospect you must agree to follow all of the club rules and get a bike, follow the dressing code, and participate on club rides. The club offers its prospects/members access to discounted bikes, Sandy Shore's houses as well as other assets.








The figurehead of the club. Speaks in the name of the club and makes all decisions its behalf. Spokesperson of the club who deals with media, police, and all other gangs and groups. He also check's and sometimes teaches the new prospects personally and handles most of the promotions with his council's.



The Vice President supervises all members and plans for club's activities and coordinates the members. Any questions, comments or concerns of other members are brought to the VP. The Vice-President is the second in command underneath the President and he assumes all the duties of the President in his absence.Vice president handles presidents duties when he's away so he will speak for the whole club even if president is around.



The under boss of the club who enforces procedures and maintains order. He upholds all rules of the club and ensures that orders are carried out. If he sees any member acting in a way not supported by the club he reports it to the founder and is in charge of stripping patches and colors from members deemed unworthy. Is in charge of defending, protecting and helping all club members in any ways and is directly responsible for their security and safety.


The Road Captain plans and watches over events/runs and informs the high ranks of the plans in advance for an approval. When on the run, he is the ranking officer if the President is not present and thus leads the formation during rides. If the President is present, the Road Captain rides at the front with the President by his side.


They are the assistant of the Sergeant at Arms and are the main bruiser force of the gang. Enforcer is very high rank and are the one's to trust they can defend other riders at all times.



The Secretary keeps track of all events, written reports, and manages forums. He calls role at all club events. He is responsible to notify all members of meeting times. He maintains the rules document of the club and keeps track of prospects informing President how they are doing. Secretary has authority to give warnings to prospects who deserve it.
A member of the club also called Patch Member. These members have earned their patch, respect and club's trust after graduated from Prospect. They have the right to vote in club meetings and they get access to club's weapons and drugs. They are commonly referred to as Patches. Every prospect should show their respect to Patches, a patch means real biker.
Prospects are people who would like to join the club but have yet to earn their patch. Patches may direct a Prospect to do certain duties within club rules. Prospects do not have voting rights. Prospects typically deal with menial tasks such as watching the bikes during meetings. When club is doing business, prospects will assist any way members command them to. Prospects are voted in the club by members and must pledge his loyalty to the club. When prospects learns all he needs about motorcycle clubs activities and earns trust and respect of member's, he will get patched.
Public Relations
The Last Riders attempt to maintain good relations with the Los Santos Police Department. Naturally, participation in illegal activities draws unwanted negative attention from time to time. The club and its members try to be as polite and respectful as possible and avoid conflict with the police if possible.
Should have been working on their bikes instead of speeding with them
The Last Riders can often be found at Yellow Jack, driving in formation throughout the city and Sandy Shores. If not riding around Los Santos they are most likely working or at an organized event. Most members live in Sandy Shore's but some have houses in city.
Yellow Jack


Yellow Jack


Color and Dress Code


We wear leather jackets and typical biker clothes. Our color is midnight purple with a secondary color of lime green.




Club Rules


Rule 1 : Always act like a respectable member of the community, don't play around.

Rule 2: Don't harm the innocent. This means no robbing anyone unless permission is given from an officer in the club.

Rule 3: Don't beef/be aggressive with any other gangs or organizations. Always be polite, bikers are not assholes.

Rule 4 : Respect and help the innocent, especially women. Bikers respect women.

Rule 5: Always help and defend your fellow club members. Don't run away and leave others in trouble unless you're told to do so.

Rule 6: Don't be a bitch. If someone tries to rob you or attack you, kill him.

Rule 7: Take care of your bike and jacket. They are important

Rule 8: Always follow higher ranked members orders without delay and tell your estimated arrive time. Communication is key.

Rule 9 : When joining you give faction leader permission to exile you from the city if you harm the club.

Rule 10 : When parking your bikes, park highest to lowest rank from left to right. Ex. From left to right, president, SAA, Enforcers, Secretary, ..., Patches, Prospects

Rule 11: Always follow the MC dress code
Rule:12 Do not lie to your biker brothers. Scamming from work cuts is a good way to lose your bike.
Rule 13: Stay organized. It is important to stay organized and have effective communication. When in a dangerous situation keep calm and stay organized.
OOC section
-High quality RP is expected from every member. If you are new to RP we all will teach you all you need to know and if you are new to ECRP we will show you around. Being new is no excuse to not RP and/or break the server rules, however.
-Before joining club you need minimum amount of 2000xp
-Do not jump around, do not play around, don't non-RP, don't break any server rules if you don't know the rules please educate yourself before joining
-Upon joining the club you are expected to have a basic understanding on what an MC and have some surrounding info on how they operate. http://www.rcvsmc.net/id2.html is a good resource.
-how to properly RP in our MC is to act like a member of real MC, get yourself properly clothed. For example: A black Leather Jacket with our patch on it. And if someone questions if you're in the MC RP showing your patch.
-get yourself acquainted with everyone else on the MC, make friends with your fellow Brothers and Sisters.
-get a chopper (bike looking like Harley). Ask our fellow members for some tips regarding on how to get a good bike. MC offers discounts on bikes for members
-while cruising around the City or anywhere else with your fellow members, always stay in formations keep the order. Road captain and President first then Vice president. Basically high rank's in front prospects in back.



Some poker 2.JPG

Some Poker


Driving around

bikers help.JPG

Bikers helping each other





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