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Gun & Ammunition

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+ ammunition for each officer should be limited when he takes the weapon from armory ( I saw so many video from PD officer they carry so many gun micro uzi - sniper - smg .....  this is not realistic )

+ player can extract the bullet from any gun, such as AK - SMG and Pistol

+ player can buy ammunition from the gun shop for his pistol

- as i know attachment for any gun is not Sync for other player ( silencer doesn't charming anymore with this BUG )

- weapon or attachment may disappear (BUG) (when weapon have attachment)

criminal can buy a bulletproof vest from the warehouse And when he wearing it, everybody can see he have anti-bullet vest ( Bulletproof vests can be illegal )

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14 minutes ago, lenx said:

The body armor isn't only going to be used against the police though. We have gang fights all the time where body armor would be extremely useful and would give the top tier factions an actual way to maintain notoriety and fear within the city. I can't tell you how many times i've personally thought about shooting a cop, but decided against it because of the armor. Now give that same deterrent to the high tier criminal factions via illegally importing vests through their warehouse and it will work the same way. It will deter smaller factions from trying to start shit with larger gangs. Which is good, because the desync in this server can make it so a small faction with only pistols can win a firefight with a larger faction with AKs. I've seen it happen. Not to mention it would be borderline nonRP for a smaller street level gang to try and start shit with a large high tier criminal organization, but that happens all the time in the server anyway.

IMO it's pretty unfair to limit all body armor to only police (Limiting ANYTHING that gives an advantage to only one faction is pretty unfair, really). If the police are scared the criminals are going to be able to overpower them if they have access to body armor, that says something about the PD not the system.

If you balance the body armor expenses, it will be seldom used other than when you are expecting a firefight. You'd rarely see people walking around in body armor as it would not be worth it to telegraph to every cop that you are wearing an illegal item, or you just wouldn't wanna get mugged and lose it.


Overall I feel like you are being very short sighted on this issue, Musket.


+1 to everything though.

Hopefully they will fix the bug which makes your attachments disappear (a relog puts them back on) soon and RAGE 0.4 will bring in the sync we need to see other people's attachments.

You know if you take cocaine you gain a bit of armor? There is a ton of ways to get adventage when it comes to gang warfare. My main used to be a gang leader of a big gang.

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Being a cop since April, I can tell you we have been nerfed enough, and continue to be nerfed. Our Ammo has already been cut and us carrying multiple weapons on us 24/7 is against our protocol during most situations. People have to realize that on top of the nerfs, we already have a gigantic fucking handbook that we have to follow all of the time, and if you dont and you get caught, you get fired. Criminals don't have to follow anything, and can just do whatever they want all of the time. Carrying guns on our backs was made more strict, the number of guns we have access to and when we can use them has been made more strict. For example, the S.W.A.T. team is the strongest thing we have, but criminals aren't even remotely scared to stop doing anything illegal when they see SWAT, they take it as a challenge, which if you want to talk about non-rp, thats a prime example. People also have to realize that a police department isn't "fair". No police department has treated civilians as easy as we do and gotten the amount of dead cops we do. No police station shoots you with a pistol because you have a pistol. If you point any gun at me, I'm killing you with whatever I have access to. It isn't fair, and it is intended to be that way. People find any reason to kill cops on the server, and assisting that right now in my opinion is no solution to anything. Maybe if 80% of criminal RP wasn't just getting into shootouts with the cops or breaking FearRP to call in backup to kill cops, I'd agree to some of the statements you made. 

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+1 to 2 and 3.  Others have already summed up my views for the others I'm -1'ing.  I used to be in favor of vests for crims and will be again if the quality improves but I don't see it going any other way than encouraging shoot-outs which are already highly disproportionate to what they should be.


Perhaps when prison faction is made and jail time makes people look at murder as a last resort in most cases I'll re-consider.

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3 hours ago, lenx said:

I think this also has A LOT to do with the sheer lack of activities in the server right now. Especially for criminals, we only have so many avenues for having fun, earning money, or creating fun RP. That leaves a lot of people to just resort to going around getting the pizzd and getting in firefights all the time.

In my opinion, if there were more jobs and activities in the server, the criminals wouldn't be so firefight-centered.

I know for me, gunfights are the most fun I have on my characters, but that's mostly because : What else is there to do other than mindlessly grinding money through the job systems (which isn't even rewarding)? The drug labs are a little bit more work and fun than the legal jobs, but even that gets just as mindless when you get the routine.

I agree, I think they're working on additional activities just like they're working on the updated prison system and such.  With the current state of things though, this would just make the DM focus worse.  We need a mix of additional activities and harsher penalties on crossing the murder/attempted murder line before I'd even consider supporting body armor.

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