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Animation & Clothing suggestions

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Hey guys,

Created this thread for everyone to add their own suggestions for clothing and animations - Please make sure you post a pic or video of any clothing or animations you suggest along with any other information that might help the developers. With any luck hopefully some of these will be implemented.

I personally use the Menyoo trainer on single player to browse through animations, clothing etc.

I'll start the thread with a few of my own ideas:

New cigarette smoking animation

The current animation in the server makes your character look like a crack head, this is a bit more respectable and actually pits a cigarette in your hand.



Traffic Cone Animation

This would be awesome for PD




Guitar Animation


This is just a cool little thing to do and could be a neat item to purchase from stores




Hi-Vis Armor - Good for traffic cops




Clipboard Animation


Useful for cops writing tickets or mechanics writing up bills. Could really be used by anyone for any number of different roleplay scenarios





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