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Downtown Cab Company

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This faction thread is completely Out Of Character (OOC). Absolutely no information gathered here can be used In Character (IC).


Downtown Cab Company (DCC) is the exclusive provider of reliable, safe and affordable transportation in Los Santos and the greater surrounding area. We are easily reached at #1111 and are open 24/7, 365 days a year. Look no further than DCC for all your transportation needs.



DCC was founded in 1922 by two brothers who moved to Los Santos and found no other cab company in town and many frustrated citizens. After moving several times, DCC landed at 101 Tangerine Street in 1962 and has stayed there ever since. DCC has always been at the forefront of private transportation in Los Santos and remains as one of the most well respected businesses in the city. DCC built its reputation on it's excellent customer service and commitment towards passenger safety. DCC is proud to have been the recipient of two awards in 1992 and 2017 for Most Diverse Workplace by the Better Business Chamber of Los Santos. Future plans include expanding the vehicle fleet and hosting regular city wide events for all to enjoy. 






DCC has a variety of vehicle options for you to choose from that will satisfy all your needs. Whether its our classic Vapid Stanier taxi, something luxurious like the Super Diamond or an excessively large Dashound, we got you covered!


- Vapid Stanier - 

If you took a cab or got arrested in the 1990s, there's a high chance you ended up in the back of a Vapid Stanier. Discontinued following widespread reports of fuel tanks exploding on impact in rear-end collisions. We have replaced most of our fuel tanks with an expanded 200 liter tank so our drivers can spend more time on the road and less with friends and family. 


-  Brute Rental Shuttle Bus -

Live the dream in our shuttle bus! Perfect for transporting groups of senior citizens to retirement homes or fat tourists to all-inclusive hotels. Most the seat belts broken but you need not worry, this bus can't even get over 80 km/h. 



- Brute Dashound -

Is there a more iconic image than a Dashound coach broken down on the side of the road in some armpit of Sandy Shores? Just don't ask to go through Vinewood because this bad boy will not go up hills. No we will not take you to the top of Mount Chiliad in this. Believe us, we've tried.  



- Enus Super Diamond -

Synonymous with style and luxury, the interior of Super Diamond has so much leather and wood, it's like sitting in a library. The historic British car manufacturer was taken over by the Germans in the late 90s, with no hard feelings whatsoever. Arrive in style and impress your friends by blowing your entire paycheck on a ride to the store. 


- Albany Stretch - 

Who doesn't want to be driven around in a limousine? Possibly the least practical car for navigating a gridlocked urban metropolis like Los Santos. Equipped will a full mini bar and privacy divider, you won't care if your driver takes you the long way home.




DCC is constantly recruiting new members for entry level positions. We offer competitive starting salaries, flexible hours and many benefits at local business.

You must meet the following requirements to apply.

1. Have at least 5,000xp on the character applying.

2. Have a clean criminal background with no recent felonies

3. A low admin record with no recent punishments

A manager will review your application and reach out to you to let you know if you have been accepted for an interview or not. 



 Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer has big responsibilities. He must watch the whole staff and take care of the economy. The Chief Executive Officer of the company makes all major decisions within the company.


Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer has a major responsibility as well. The COO manages staff, purchases new vehicles, and sells the older ones to balance out the economy. If the Chief Executive Officer of the company is out of town, the COO assumes all roles of the CEO.


Chief Process Officer

The Chief Process Officer manages the documents and processes to which we train and hire employees. This position plays a vital role in making sure things are working smoothly behind the scenes.



Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer manages the treasury, issues paychecks, and creates financial statements to assure that the company is working within it's budget and has enough cash for assets and growth


General Manager

The General Manager has the responsibility to oversee the activities of lower management ranks to make sure DCC is running smoothly. The General Manager is the direct link between the Chief Officers and the rest of the team. They will help generate new ideas for the future and see that they are implemented by assigning tasks. 



Managers are in charge of ensuring a good working atmosphere and promoting/protecting our company's image. They are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. In addition, they are to perform regular public relations duties, including but not limited to advertisement of the company, collaborating with other businesses, as well as forming a good image of the company to outsiders. Managers also coordinate with the General Manager to ensure that there is an enjoyable experience within the company. 


Assistant Manager(s)

Assistant Manager's responsibilities are to provide guidance and instruction to the other Drivers if needed and keep them up to date with the actual news and updates about the company. If there is an issue with any of the Drivers, they report it to a Manager. They work as a Driver carrying the same duties but with higher responsibilities. 


Employee Ranks

Senior Driver

The Senior Driver has the same duties as other drivers but as well is responsible for providing driving and chauffeur duties to other Drivers if in need of assistance. They also coordinate other drivers in the movement and use of the Downtown Cab Co. vehicles. Senior Drivers are given access to the Stretch, Dashhound Bus, Super Diamond, Rental Shuttle Bus, and normal Stanier Taxi.


A driver's job is to drive customers around, and answer their calls. Drivers have the responsibility to take care of our customers as well our vehicles. Drivers are given access to the Super Diamond, Rental Shuttle Bus, and normal Stanier Taxi.

Junior Driver

Junior Drivers have gained sufficient experience to begin to prove themselves to the company. They provide and accept basic rides and calls. Junior Drivers are given access to the Rental Shuttle Bus and normal Stanier Taxi.


Trainees will typically perform the basic duties of a normal taxi driver. This is a probationary period in which a trainee must prove themself to the company. After this period ends, the trainee is subject to an assessment in which if they pass, they will continue onto a Junior Driver. Trainees are given access to the normal Stanier Taxi.

Probationary Trainee

Probationary trainees hold the same responsibilities as trainees. This role is given due to extensive criminal records (with the latest charges being old) or interviewees who didn't do as well on their driving exam and interview as expected. Thus, reformed criminals will often hold this role. As a probationary trainee, employees are watched closely by management.




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Many people apply for employment at Downtown Cab Co. but few are chosen. We select only the best candidates for interviews because safety and professionalism are our focus points. 


Chuck Mangione sifts through a pile of applications and carefully reads through them all. 

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Downtown Cab Co. strives for a open and fun atmosphere not just with our employees but our customers too. Making small talk and keeping the client entertained is just one aspect of our busy job. Our taxi drivers can be a wealth of knowledge and will be happy to assist you with any question you might have. 


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Here's some of the routine maintenance the custodial engineers have to undertake in order to keep the DCC fleet looking fresh:


Replacing a broken headlight



Polishing the roof light



Scrubbing off a suspicious white stain from the back seats



Good as new!



Completing some stress tests on a potential future addition to the fleet (verdict: currently unsafe for public use)


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The Downtown Cab Company offers guided bus tours that every person within the city can take advantage of. Not only will it give you peace of mind but also provide a sense of security that would otherwise not occur when traveling alone. Every bus is driven by an experienced and knowledgeable professional who knows exactly where they are going, and know their area of operation like the back of their hand.


A Custodial Engineer conducting some routine maintenance on the bus in preparation for a tour.


The buses are now fully maintenanced, and the drivers begin making their way to the starting position of the bus tours.


The drivers park up next to eachother, as they prepare to announce the commencement of the bus tour.



The drivers receive their first customer of the day.


After filling up with customers and conducting an extensive bus tour of the city, night falls and the drivers begin making their way to the final destination.


The drivers arrive at the final destination, the motorsports dealership where three lucky customers were able to win a free vehicle.


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Jay clocks on duty taking a cab out of the garage, inserting his motivational CD into the disk tray. Heading towards the Bank of Los Santos waiting for his first call of the day to get assigned to him.





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Downtown Cab Co custodial engineers have been working long and tiring hours within the Downtown Cab Co garage working on restoring our older vehicles from the 1960's to tip top shape in order to attract new clients and increasing the business.



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The Downtown Cab Company offers in-house employee events every week for any employee who wishes to attend as a token of appreciation for their continuous hard work. This weeks event consisted of a radio-controlled car race where three lucky winners had the opportunity of winning cash prizes and different vehicles.

The turnout among employees is surprisingly large. Each employee make their way onto the different buses which will deliver them to the race event.



The employees arrive at the event destination and make their way out of the buses. Shortly after, they begin regrouping around the management team who provides the employees with the schedule of the day along with instructions to the event.



The race begins. Each employee participating places their radio controlled car next to one another as the countdown begins.




The winners are announced and every employee celebrates with music, dancing and alcohol.


Towards the events end, it transitions to an afterparty. The afterparty consisted of music, swimming and lots of dancing. It also allowed every employee to participate in a randomized raffle to win an exclusively new Seashark!






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The Downtown Cab Company was invited to attend at the recent career fair hosted by the government of Los Santos. Members of management were invited to attend the career fair and happily answered any questions aimed towards them while showcasing the fleet of vehicles that the Downtown Cab Company has to offer.





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The employees of the Downtown Cab Company takes a ride back to the past. The 24th of april marked the 80 year anniversary for the Downtown Cab Company and in celebration of this the management team introduced Dynasty Day to the rest of the company. The only day where old and retired taxi vehicles are repaired, refueled and able to be taken out on the road by any employee within the company.


The response was overwhelmingly positive.









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The city can get a bit overwhelming , at times, even a little too much for us to handle. The Downtown Cab Company decided to host a mountain bike retreat event for all the employees as an opportunity to step back from the overwhelming and busy life of the city, to go back to nature and remember what the great outdoors is all about.


The initial meetup was done at the casino parking lot, where several employees were loaded up on buses and delivered to the bike trail which they later followed.




The employees eagerly arrive at the bike trail and decide to regroup while receiving instructions about the event from the management team, before being assigned their top of the class mountain bike.




The event begins and every employee is assigned to their own group. Each group makes their way down the trail leading up to mount chiliad.




Both exhausted and sweaty, the employees finally arrive at mount chiliad where a fully set up tent providing food and water, a fully lit campfire and several speakers were placed down at the top.




Following a successful party at the top of mount chiliad, it is time to round up and return home. The tents are packed up, the campfire is put out, and every employee regroups as they plan on making their way down to the bottom.




The employees finally arrive down to the bottom where several buses are waiting patiently to return them home. Needless to say, it was a successful event.



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