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Tom Whelan

/drag for everyone with permission

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I'd like to have the ability to /drag a injured person into my vechile with their permission (similar to /frisk)
Very simple, If I find someone injured I should be able to help this person to the hospital with my vehicle, or drag them from the middle of the road to avoid traffic accidents and more injuries

* Movement speed should be reduced significant while draggin' someone
* Vehicle needs to have an empty seat for the person injured
* To be able to drag someone you need the persons permission 
* Person doing /drag needs to have good health 

I've searched the forums but didnt find any existing suggestion for this
Also this shouldnt be too hard to implement as PD and MD already has this ability


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Since this suggestion was submitted, a command to carry bodies (/carrybody next to an injured or cuffed person) and put them in a trunk (/storebody next to an open trunk) has already been implemented.

This suggestion has been archived. 

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