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  1. client doesn't support deletion, time to drop 10 euro and rename it
  2. I have experienced the crashes in these locations, arrows indicating from which way I travel, most of the time now I just go off road or on the beach...
  3. There he was, an initiate in a new religion and/or science, meditating on the roof top of their Sanctuary attempting to find the real truth in the teaching's of Kraff. As he meditated, he managed to slip into a trance where he found himself with a vision, vision which he decided to share with the rest of his brothers and sisters. Mother-Sister Maddison Parrish and Father-Father Jonathan Richards encouraged to share the rest of the vision with the brothers, which he did, and they entertained the idea just as Brother-Brother Letov showed up. And so they went on this quest, a message from Kraff to Initiate Brother-Brother Sun, for his own surprise Father-Father Johnathan Richards was quick with his wits and deciphered vague description of the location, taking four of them into the desert, right into what seem to be like a place touched by Kraff's presence. Brother-Brother Albert Sun then took few minutes to concentrate, telling everyone to remove their shoes and walk with him West across the desert, finding themselves with more marks of Kraff, which Brother-Brother Letov confused for a number 8, but Brother-Brother Sun was quick to correct him, informing him that that's a symbol of Infinity, exactly like Kraff's knowledge and love for fellow brothers and sisters. He preached before the walk "We'll walk until the metal beast crosses our path..." Behold and see the prophesied by Brother Sun, the metal beasts soared across the sky, which left him rather stunned and weeping for hours like a raving mad man, no one knows if it was tears of joy or sorrow... When they returned to the sanctuary hours later, Brother Brother Sun removed himself from presence of others and was not seen for days, perhaps he went to further meditate on Kraff's message...
  4. That's actually a 3 way split... guess the script isn't equipped for situation like that
  5. Sitting in Bayview for 70 hours a week or so, because of pretty much your whole statement. Really sums it up.
  6. Posted a year ago, ok buddy, maybe someone outta put out a reminder
  7. Date and time (provide timezone): This week more or less starting 8th 06 2020 onwards. Character name: /modview UI Issue/bug you are reporting: The Base Payment doesnt match what it says on the /modview UI, happens randomly for people Expected behavior: Not charge people for nothing, and be correct price. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: screenshot added. Vehicle license plate number*:
  8. You can get it revoked for excessive torture, saving the man/adrenaline shots etc to revitalise, then torture and torture and torture... Talking from experience...
  9. I took a break from ECRP because of lack of RP and choke hold of criminals, now its being even more limited I'm just thinking to myself, fuck is the point of coming back...
  10. I held Route68 gas order for almost 24 hours in protest noone gives a shit cause there will always be that one guy who doesn't understand that 1,000 dollars for 4 hours work, (2 for loading and 2 for offload +/- travelling) is shite pay.
  11. Yes I broke fearRP, I thought my ally was in elevated position which they weren't, when I saw his gun rise up I grabbed my gun and went to stab him. I am guilty. Edit: And also just because it even if it was elevated fire, it wouldn't void the fearRP as gun was pointed at close ranged in my general direction. Due to this I have taken few days off of playing GTA and will return once I am rested and my head is clear to play again.
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