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  1. Isn't this property right in front of a gang HQ?
  2. Are you dumb are the radios supposed to look different or something? These are pictures of 2 bags of radio I don’t see how they are the same picture. If you are not interested just don’t comment.
  3. No,you can park it at the back of the house like in the video or at the front
  4. Just taking offers but I’m willing to set a buyout for 600k
  5. Yep, its pretty rare because it looks like a 2G from outside and sitting along with 2Gs
  6. STANDALONE 2G Beautiful 2G home thats 2 minutes drive away from the bank, Very hidden from the road and also has a safe way of entering and leaving the house. (Not in a hurry to sell) Buyout: N/A Starting Price: 500k IMAGES: GALLEY ((VIDEO)): HOUSE
  7. STANDALONE 1G This 1G is pretty unique because first of all its a standalone 1G in town which is pretty rare to find, Also has a safe way of entering the house through the back alley. (Not in a hurry to sell) Buyout: N/A Starting Price: 200k IMAGES: FRONT 1 FRONT 2 BACK 1 BACK 2 GPS ((VIDEO)): https://bit.ly/39e7JCn
  8. 48 Radios each goes for around 1k. you good?
  9. Today i will be selling 48 of my radios.(basically 2 bags of radio) Total value of these radios are around 30-40k but willing to take lower IMAGES: https://imgur.com/a/gQKTbVf https://imgur.com/a/gE9ot4T
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