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  1. PolarBlunk

    teokolis666 - Teo Kholis (ban appeal)

    Hey @[email protected] Reading back the appeal once again, the situation is still a bit unclear from what I remember, but reading it back, it seems the player has not realized what he/she did wrong in the first place and fails to admit fault. We strive ourselves on the best playing experience, and with what I have read from this appeal, the player does not seem to favor this way. Roleplay does not always go as planned, especially criminal roleplay. The player described he/she lost quite the items and shortly after, took it to OOC and harassed another player. This is unacceptable behavior and is not something we seek after. I would say no, Teo does not deserve a second chance.
  2. PolarBlunk

    Sigito_Nemosic Punishment appeal

    The player admitted to being guilty of Real World Trading. I’d say it’s up to any Senior Administrator or above how they wish to proceed with this. Thank you for being honest in your appeal.
  3. PolarBlunk

    teokolis666 - Teo Kholis (ban appeal)

    Reading through the appeal, I do not recall the situation. @teokolis666 - Were you with a friend when this happened?
  4. PolarBlunk

    z3LeX - Shawn Garcia (Ban appeal)

    Pending Head Administrator+
  5. PolarBlunk

    [Xavier Qusta] Warn appeal- Falsely warned.

    Pending @Andy
  6. Hostage situation training Briefing @ Vinewood Bowl Picking out the different teams for the hostage situation Spectators throughout the situation The hostage takers Final briefing
  7. PolarBlunk

    Mercutio Husovic (Custom Warrener or 35000,-)

    Hello, You have 2 Warrener's on your character. Check /vehiclestats for where they are.
  8. PolarBlunk

    NIcholas Pandolfi (3Ak 618 ammo)

    Hello, Whilst we were fixing a bug crashing the server, items could not be picked up as a result of fixing the bug for a while. This player was affected by it and was told to make a refund request.
  9. PolarBlunk

    Sigito_Nemosic Punishment appeal

    Pending @NobodyLTU
  10. PolarBlunk

    Stormy69 - William Michael (Speedhacking)

    On-hold reviewing the evidence with other Administrators.
  11. PolarBlunk

    jasherisxd - Max Bryant ( Ban appeal )

  12. PolarBlunk

    delete this report, accidentally made two

  13. PolarBlunk

    Rafe Hikoshi- Punishment Appeal

    Pending @Tobias van Dam
  14. PolarBlunk

    TheRy0 - Anthony_Vega (Ban appeal)

    Pending Senior Administrator or above.