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  1. PolarBlunk

    Sigito_Nemosic Punishment appeal

    Pending @NobodyLTU
  2. PolarBlunk

    Stormy69 - William Michael (Speedhacking)

    On-hold reviewing the evidence with other Administrators.
  3. PolarBlunk

    jasherisxd - Max Bryant ( Ban appeal )

  4. PolarBlunk

    delete this report, accidentally made two

  5. PolarBlunk

    Rafe Hikoshi- Punishment Appeal

    Pending @Tobias van Dam
  6. PolarBlunk

    TheRy0 - Anthony_Vega (Ban appeal)

    Pending Senior Administrator or above.
  7. PolarBlunk

    Warning Point Appeal

    Pending @Flucifial
  8. PolarBlunk

    capfund - Dimitri Nikola (Punishment Appeal)

    Banned on behalf of Nobody. @NobodyLTU
  9. PolarBlunk

    Becoming an Official Faction

    Good luck to all!
  10. PolarBlunk

    ItzCryptonized - Thomas_Creasey (Punishment Appeal)

    Banned on behalf of Nobody.
  11. PolarBlunk

    ItzCryptonized - Thomas_Creasey (Punishment Appeal)

    2.1.1 Hackers will be permanently banned without warning or chance to appeal.
  12. PolarBlunk

    LSPD vehicles update

    Police vehicles' speed has been adjusted. They also have High Speed Units which you need to be certified and at a specific rank to use.
  13. PolarBlunk

    No crime zone update

    Already suggested below.