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  1. New player here ~

    Hello and welcome to Eclipse Roleplay! Some factions will allow you to play during weekends for example. The best thing to do is ask them about :)
  2. Bear Baldwin At your service!

    Hey! Welcome to Eclipse Roleplay! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I am around in the European Timezone. :)
  3. Hi I'm new still waiting on a verification email

    Hello and welcome to Eclipse Roleplay! @dontusemyname - Have you gotten the verification email now?
  4. Newbie Introduction :)

    Hello and welcome to Eclipse Roleplay! If there is anything we can help you with, do not hesitate to ask! :)
  5. Stranger 364_7068 (6.3.1 Combat & Roleplay Logging)

    Hello again. As I was online today, I tried to look for Drew Stallo but had no success to find him. What we were going to charge Drew Stallo with is the following. However, if the player is new, I am fine with a reduced IC sentence. Felony Evasion. Attempted Murder of a Gov. Employee.
  6. Hello

    Hello and welcome to Eclipse Roleplay! In the topic below is going to be a couple of steps to prepare yourself the best for the Roleplay we offer, I suggest you to take a look through and if you have any questions, I am always glad to answer them!
  7. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 364_7068 Date of rule breach: 5/18/2018 Time of rule breach: 9:51:30 PM Your characters name: Alex Donnelly Other players involved: Mike Adams, Liam Paige Specific rule broken: How did the player break the rule?: Stranger 364_7068 left in the middle of roleplay after a police pursuit and decided to shoot at us, when the player was being treated by us, player left shortly afterwards. Evidence of rule breach: Evidence of the suspect leaving Evidence of the suspect yet to return
  8. Overpriced tickets?

    Hello! If you are caught in a stolen vehicle, and you do not pull over, and then evade and whilst evading from the police, you proceed to drive recklessly and put other people's lives in danger, this is something your character has brought upon himself.
  9. SuperCars

    Hello @Danfrewer Super cars are no longer sale in dealerships. They are not banned in the city.
  10. Character recreation

    Hello there @CornOnYackob123 and welcome back! If you wish to create another character, you have two alternatives. Alternative 1: Log onto your account - Select one of your existing characters - Press F6 once you are loaded in and click on Store - Buy +1 additional character slot for 500 credits. In order to buy credits - Head over to the panel here: https://panel.eclipse-rp.net/public/login Alternative 2: Create a new account and go through the quiz.
  11. Doesnt really connect

    Try to delete the client resources files for Eclipse and download them again by connecting. You will find them in your installation path for Rage MP. C:\RAGEMP\client_resources\
  12. Doesnt really connect

    Please launch into Singleplayer on GTA:V (outside of Rage MP) and check the version in the bottom right corner like this.
  13. Doesnt really connect

    Correct. The latest version is 1.43. Please make sure that is the version your GTA:V is running on.
  14. Doesnt really connect

    Hello @benjiz1! In order to connect and play on Eclipse Roleplay you will need to be on the latest version of GTA:V. If you get kicked from the server after connecting, you are not on the latest version.
  15. "This account name does not exist"

    Hello @ThisOldHouse and welcome to Eclipse Roleplay! Your forum account and in-game account are different. These are separate accounts and thus needs to be created separately, one for the forums and one for in-game. Feel free to reply if you have any more questions or concerns!