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  1. PolarBlunk

    Teo_Kholis (Permanent ban)

    Hello! In your last ban appeal, this was my response. You're saying you are apologetic about the situation, and you will make sure it will not happen again. How are you going to ensure this? Have you read through the roleplay rules once more to make sure you are up-to-date with our current rules, so that you make sure this does not happen again?
  2. Hello? Is this thing working? 

    1. PolarBlunk


      Working as intended!

  3. Hello? Is this thing working??

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    2. PolarBlunk


      hey!! *tap tap* it works

    3. DDevastatedTV


      I think we need to spam it to make sure its working 

    4. Tagor


      Lets do it 

  4. PolarBlunk

    [SOLD] F&F Fuel Station for sale

    Winner bid. Auction closed.
  5. PolarBlunk

    [SOLD] F&F Fuel Station for sale

    12 hours remaining of the auction.
  6. PolarBlunk

    [SOLD] F&F Fuel Station for sale

    Highest bid so far. Will wait 36 hours for any additional bids before closing.
  7. PolarBlunk

    [SOLD] F&F Fuel Station for sale

    Selling F&F Fuel Station. Starting bid is $5,000,000. Buyout will be set to $12,000,000. Minimum bid increments by $250,000. Location:
  8. PolarBlunk

    24 hour KOS time should be increased

    -1 uwu
  9. PolarBlunk

    Speed cameras

    Got one question for ya. What are we going to do when players switch up their cars with other players to prevent this? EDIT: Read it wrong
  10. PolarBlunk

    Speed cameras

  11. PolarBlunk

    teokolis666 - Teo Kholis (ban appeal)

    Hey @[email protected] Reading back the appeal once again, the situation is still a bit unclear from what I remember, but reading it back, it seems the player has not realized what he/she did wrong in the first place and fails to admit fault. We strive ourselves on the best playing experience, and with what I have read from this appeal, the player does not seem to favor this way. Roleplay does not always go as planned, especially criminal roleplay. The player described he/she lost quite the items and shortly after, took it to OOC and harassed another player. This is unacceptable behavior and is not something we seek after. I would say no, Teo does not deserve a second chance.