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  1. Did you not read the post or just comment as soon as you saw who posted? He mentions script support, or a lack thereof, as a primary reason for stale crim RP. Also saying that 99% of people just want to shoot discounts all the RP that goes on within gangs, just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The new war rules aimed to create an environment that encourages RP over endless shootouts, and I think the majority of people involved were happy with that. Claiming that 99% of people who don't agree with you "are looking for a way to justifiably shoot each-other again without catching a report" is disingenuous and patronising. You mention that the post doesn't address the "long term" issues with crim RP. Why not bring these up yourself rather than simply shitting on the post just because you have a grudge against the person posting.
  2. Rich coming from a gang that moaned about smaller gangs using cops then proceeded to do exactly that.
  3. Are you saying just because you disagree with a rule you can't report someone for breaking it? We've had a number of members be punished under the new rules, why should we judge ourselves by different rules than everyone else. If we have to follow the new robbery rule so should everyone else.
  4. That's ridiculous, the WCA war is the only war where we have had to give FM a reason for going to war. We have had strained relations with WCA long before they became official, so saying that we only went to war because the had official shows that you have no idea what you're talking about. Furthermore, Rooks lasting a pretty long time with official before we went to war with them, again for a number of actual reasons, not just because they had official.
  5. So just because you don't know the IC reason you're assuming that we didn't have one?
  6. This is why we went to war with you guys. You fucked up over and over again, then you fail to realise how you fucked up.
  7. Please explain how i'm being disingenuous.
  8. i think it's quite clear you don't know what you're talking about. NLA, a gang which is now part of the council grew in environment where they were fighting us DAILY. We have been at war with them a countless number of times. They stuck it out rather than their leader abandoning them to run back to PD, and eventually grew to where they are today. They earned our respect through resilience and resistance rather than conformity like you suggest. There has been no attempt to create a counter-council, Rooks and Wanted had the perfect opportunity to do that, hell, WCA had that opportunity too. It feels like we're being punished for other people being clueless.
  9. You could spread out veteran RPers by creating a gang good enough for veteran RPers to want to join.... You should try that sometime.
  10. +1 I've lost all my motivation to play which sucks considering the time myself and others have put into Triads.
  11. Love the idea and the thread! If yous stick to the plan and don't become just another car based gang yous are set to become a really unique faction! Wishing you guys all the luck and can't wait to see yous around.
  12. +1 a phone update is much needed. Really well thought out suggestion, you can tell a lot of time was put into it.
  13. +1 increase the amount of damage taken from crashing without a seat belt significantly to encourage people to wear them.
  14. +1 I think the cap should be removed with faction management taking up the responsibility of ensuring that factions maintain recruitment standards.
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