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  1. Frezas

    Poker Update

    +1 for poker update, but I will have to say -1 for blackjack, because there is a way to count cards with computer program and this would only make people earn more money and increasing the inflation in server as it is high enough now.
  2. I am offering 220k
  3. 200k on the door and I am taking it
  4. Would take it for 190k if it's still there, contacted on the phone.
  5. Hello, I am giving an offer of 185k my number is 527-2008. Sincerely Waltz
  6. Hi, here is my number, we can try to haggle. 5272008
  7. Hello, I am buying maxed Shafter V12 I am not in a rush to buy it, so please tell me your price and I will consider it Have a great day everybody.
  8. Issue Being Reported: My game starts not responding after about 10 minutes in server, I have tried GTA online and other servers and it works fine except in Eclipse it freezes for about 4-5 seconds. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 09/04/2020 (It happens for some time about 3 weeks) Your characters name: Gustav Klemm Other player(s) involved: N/A Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: Tried everything I could imagine and find on internet. Thank you for your time
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