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  1. you can buy it from HE for 425
  2. Cheaper to own? Why should a business be cheaper to own? Cheaper gas ? Then whats the point of owning one if you're not making anything out of it?
  3. -1 You may say im biased since I own a gas station and maybe you're right, however opening up all the gas stations on the map would not only greatly decrease the value of gas stations in general, it would also make it so these business generate close to 0 profit for owners, unless all 15/20 owners join up and make a common price across the city (which i guarantee would not happen). It would defeat the purpose of owning a gas station in the first place. Also I dont really think we need more gas stations, there's always a gas station close to wherever you are and if you find yourself without fuel you can call a mechanic to tow you to the nearest gas station (for free in Bayview's case, not sure about LSC) At least thats my opinion.
  4. Cabrio for 450 - 3624801
  5. He's just trying to get as much as he can for his house which is fair.
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