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  1. Yeah its nowhere close to being enough.
  2. Asking Price 290k | 1G | | Right next to LSB, LZ Store and Public Parking lot | | Premium Location in the heart of the city | | Selling to highest bidder ( If above asking price) | | Pool and Modern Architecture | Contact me at: Hussas#[email protected] or offer below
  3. | 4G | | Richman | | Premium Location | | Selling to highest bidder | | Will not consider offers below 3.8M | | 4G Interior | (Please dont comment unless it is to make an offer, thank you very much.) Located in the Richman area, this property is distinguished by its large exterior area, a half circle driveway with two gates, a front and back garden, large pool and views of the city. Address: North Rockford Drive.10 Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/6rlpfWn Contact: Hussas#6802[email protected]
  4. Fully Maxed Seven-70 - Custom plate --> AP0LL0 (465k) Nearly Maxed 9F -No Suspension upgrades-(300k) Offers down below or Hussas#[email protected]/#3624801
  5. I apologize for making you lose your time and your character's time, I will keep this in mind if anything like this ever happens again. As for ignoring you, it was not on purpose if I had seen it I would've replied. And also didn't realize you were stalled as I wasn't paying attention to your car unfortunately.
  6. I am not sure you are aware but after I unintentionally rammed you I kept moving fowards and saw other suspects fleeing the scene, I eventually detained one of them and was doing my job as a LSSD deputy of patting him down, getting his ID and eventually putting him in the cruiser. I am only a trainee that started this job maybe a week ago if that much, doing the RP and all while being on scene, having multiple people talking at the same time about different parts of whats going on is osmething I still have to get used to. You want me to pay attention to radio calls, TS, do the RP on the detained suspect and respond to your /b which I did not even see it as I was busy performing an arrest? If you had PM'ed me when you were debating this with other officers I would have replied instantly of course and told you that it had not been on purpose. You say you informed every officer on scene using /b when you clearly did not and could not have as people were running away and being chased at the time this was happening, im not sure you see the chaos around you. "You immediatly drove away" Correct, I drove away as I thought I hadnt rammed you that hard, it was never my intention to ram you or make you stall. If I meant to ram you I would have proceeded to do something about it and not just let you sit there for however long you stayed there looking around you. On your video you were rammed at 10 seconds and were at gunpoint at 30 seconds, there is a 20 second interval in which you are just talking on the radio to your friends. You say you PM'ed me but I dont recall any PM's related to this case, I have had people PM'ing the wrong ID several times so maybe I assumed this was one of those and paid no attention to it, as once again in my eyes I had not done anything wrong. You say you find it unlikely yet it is still possible as your video doesnt show it, therefore this is just speculation. The cruisers that were behind me did not go past the bridge, this is what I meant when I said " as you can see I was the last vehicle entering from the bridge which means nobody hit me from the back and I did not hit anyone that was infront of me. " Your own video proves this so I dont get your point. How does blocking the entrance have anything to do with the ramming situation? Furthermore unoccupied vehicles often have different positions for different people so to you what may have looked one way for me it looked different. No other cars went past the bridge after mine therefore the only metal collision noise MUST have been from me hitting the bike. You say you didnt block the path but you were doing exactly that when you were told to move, afterwards before you got rammed the back part of your car was in fact on the dirt road, in addition and as mentioned before in the midst of all the cruisers getting through a dirt road, bikes in the middle of the narrow bridge you cant expect them to go in a perfectly staright line can you? There are bound to be some bumps and people driving near the edge of the "dirt road" you can see here(https://imgur.com/a/h7P8ItR) that my front left wheel is turned to the right as to make a right turn to avoid contact with you. There was no intention to DM anyone here. As proven by your own screenshot you can see me , ID103, patting someone down as Deputy Trainee this is something I am not used to doing yet. You could have said "ID 103 why did you ram me?" or "ID 103 I will report you for ramming into me" anything at all. I was not aware you were talking to me hence why I did not reply to your statements, if I had seen it I would have told you it was not intentional. To me it just sounds like you're trying to get me with a VDM report because you're probably hurt about what happened to your friends. This just sounds like a conspiracy theory about me ramming into you when I clearly did not mean to do so and tried to avoid it. Hope this gets solved as fast as possible so we can all move on.
  7. Hello I am ID103 (Luke Raven), this is the first report against me so I was suprised when I saw a notification of me getting reported when I started my game. So, this was a situation where we got a backup call, if I recall correctly, and used Joint Tac with PD to defuse the situation. As the entrance to this area is very narrow there were some bumps here and there while we, as LEOs, were trying to reach the inside of the lab. Now, I never ever had the intention of ramming this person, as you can see I just keep going forward after the "ram" trying to provide backup for my colleagues. If I had rammed him intentionally why would I not take advantage of him being stalled and not being able to flee in his car? But no, I was not trying to ram anyone. Unfortunately I do not have a clip of this instance, I have shadowplay running but only press alt+x to clip the last 10 minutes of an important situation where I would, perhaps, need recording to prove my innocence in case of a report, I did not clip this instance as I did not think what had happened could even be considered worthy of me getting reported and I was not informed by the player reporting that I would be involved in a forum report otherwise I would have clipped it of course. Furthermore, as seen in the provided footage there was a motorcycle on the bridge which was causing disturbances to people driving over the bridge. Not only did @Zion Willard go over the bike while reversing he was also occupying part of the dirt road which we were supposed to have used to get to the scene with the back of his Jester, the SUV is not a small car and in a situation like this one where we have to act fast and there are obstacles on the way, including the bike, a narrow entrance, several other police cruisers trying to enter the scene as well, and a Jester belonging to a person who had been told to move his vehicle out of the way so we could get through made the situation for a big car like the SUV even harder. From what I recall I drove over the bike and must've lost control of the SUV for a second, not being able to turn and avoid said ram, there is noise of a metal collision just before the SUV hit the Jester and as you can see I was the last vehicle entering from the bridge which means nobody hit me from the back and I did not hit anyone that was infront of me. Furthermore we are all aware of the Dsync that exists in the server, it is natural to have some Dsync, even in the academy during PIT training we were taught to never actually hit a suspect's vehicle exactly where we see it to be, there is always an "invisible wall" and that is where we have to make the approach. The aftermath of said ram was exaggerated by the existance of Dsync in the server. What on my screen did not seem such a powerful ram, it seems to have been worse on your end. This situation was clearly an accident that was further amplified by the existance of Dsync. I understand the frustration from his part, but I think intentionality has to be taken into account here. It was not my intention to ram him, I did not go through the bridge knowing that I would break a rule, I was trying to provide backup and due to desync and the bike on the bridge and other factors named above I accidentally collided with him. Thank you for your time, @SantinoDeferro .
  8. Update: Added images of the vehicles
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