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  1. I joined an active chase and did not initiate it and do not have information if reporting party was on foot at gunpoint.
  2. ID 60 here. My passengers aimed at you and gave you demands couple of dozen times at different speeds in close proximity. All those demands were ignored... Riding upwards the mountains and near the bank the speeds were as low as 60 - 70 km/h and we approached you from different angles so that it would be clear that we have you at gunpoint. Here is my POV of the crash..
  3. Orale, "Warn a brother" production level!
  4. Don't mix who said what. You asked me in /b to return your vehicle to pillbox in order for us to avoid report. I showed the footage to people with more experience and they advised me not do so. After that I told you in /b that I will not return your vehicle.
  5. We were a big group of cars chasing reporting parties associate from Paleto Bay till scrapyard where reporting party joined his associate. Me and ID 192 split away from group to chase reporting party and the rest of group continued to chase reporting parties associate. Reporting party did say "/ooc stop ramming" a moment before I spun him out but from my POV I could not see why. Only when I saw him spinning out of control in the provided footage I understood that there must be a "desync" and tried to inform involved parties.
  6. 187 here, - From my POV I still had some space to maneuver and did not intentionally hit/ram the reporting party. - Regards mixing of ic/ooc it was just a mistake on my side as I was trying to explain myself to involved parties about the de-sync while driving. And there is not reason for me to type replies on radio as I'm communicating with voice over it. - At the final scene I hit 192 car, thus pushing him towards the reporting party.
  7. Sorry, Im in need of cash!
  8. Thats good! Might consider lowering the price if someone wants it right now!
  9. Maxed Elegy Retro Custom All performances maxed 1/2 Turbo Price - 195k $$ Contact : #2762383
  10. +1 only illegal immigrants pay since ICE is watching over their shoulder
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