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  1. Loving the uniqueness, keep it up!
  2. It seems like at this point you just don't like that fact you aren't the master of the story. Roleplay is done how the players see fit, and according to your theory of the "Big bad gangs" we are executing the RP we see fit. An for the record most "Larger" gangs do not typically go against farmers/miners as it's considered poor sport.
  3. +1 Would be nice to see to have additional things to do as a criminal.
  4. -1 In that case if we kill a cop on duty it would also bt Auto CK; seems pointless
  5. Current Budget: 1.5 Million If you have a property do not hesitate to submit a listing with basic details!
  6. I mean between 1918-1980's Mafia's joined forces to start a criminal syndicate by the name of the Commission; who ran the criminal underworld for the entirety of that time. Any new blood would have to pay the fee or cease to exist by the will of the Commission.
  7. Buyout Lowered to 560k
  8. SARP (2011-12) NGG (2012-2017) Lee Price Ryan Price Fisher Price "Price" HA
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