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    Il Syndicato ~SN~

    Look's dope! can't wait to see how it turns out
  2. Tezhl


    Sounds like a personal problem for them. Regardless IC is IC and OOC is OOC.
  3. Tezhl


    It's life. You wont always hear what you wanna hear. If a player wishes to due so ICly and mean's nothing by it OOCly. What's the problem?
  4. -1 Due to the current set of the internal rules applying to them it would be easily abused. An the old saying going "If it can be used, it will be abused".
  5. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Yin Nakamura Character to Transfer To: Jin Kwang Requested Transfer: Asset # x 1 SCHAFTER V12 [GANGSHIT] Reason for Transfer: (IC) After having dishonored the city in which him and the Nakamura's resided, he decided to bribe a known TRIAD by the name of "Jin Kwang" for safe passage for him to reside in China without trouble from the triad's within the nation. The only "assets" he had to offer for this seeked forgiveness his name has caused the gang. He gave the vehicle known as a "SCHAFTER V12" with the plate "gangshit" to him as payment ((OC)) I'm no longer going to be playing that character and did not want the vehicle to go to waist on a character I will not be role playing on any further. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I will have my friend Jio Kwang/Jasper Wuu transfer the vehicle to me
  6. Jin to whom is a Red Pole for the Triads heard over the past few days the DET to who is named "Hana Nakamura" is getting suspiciously close to members within the organization, he decided he activity/intentions was one he must investigate further. Primarily making “small” talk with a member by the name of Jerome. Jin radio’d into this member seeking her number in order to perform a plan of epic proportions. He texted messaged her number anonymously telling her "I can make your career with some information.He then messaged her a location she would know. Which was North of Mt. Gordon. He then ran the tires into the dirt path to expose a vehicle travel easily for the observative Detective. He then ran the vehicle into a tree off road; taking out his spare phone and placed a "Screaming woman" audio track on loop to entice the DET to search the vehicle. He then snuck up on her and placed a weapon to her head. Jin had her drop her cellphone, radio and disable the GPS transmitter within her cruiser. Jin then told her to take out her S&W PD issued cuffs and restrain herself, handing him the key for safe keeping. Jin parked upside a hill and began asking her questions regarding her nose poking into the Triads inner-operations. One question that kept appearing from person to person which was her interest in "Bruce Wong". After talking to her for a time he then began to ask why her interest was centered on him in specific finding out about the case the Mexican's were aiding in. He aimed a weapon to her head and made her bring up the casefile on the laptop within the cruiser. After taking pictures of the screen with his cellphone, he then asked her to look up all the DET's within the department to locate their numbers for future interest. After hours of looking up information needed to complete his investigation. He then sent all the pictures he took from the “investigation” to Bruce Wong via his cell phone. Jin then drove her back to the car... He tossed her in the trunk after gagging her and placing a mask over her face. He mentioned to her that the dishonor she committed was not enough of a punishment. He contacted a man via his radio whom was seeking a slave to work within the mines for him. Jin contact him and offered his "Slave" for a steep price of $15,000 via wire transfer. The man did just that and sent Jin the payment requested. After doing so Jin gave him a location to meet at which was the airport air hanger. The transaction was completed without a hitch and Jin now became an official Human Trafficker
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