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  1. +1 Also a system where there is atleast a decent cool down time for robbing an individual as chain robbing is highly unrealistic as it would definitely attract attention
  2. +1 As there should be a real consequence to the action your character does
  3. +1 As the prison roleplay goes we do not want to limit the ability for people that want to stay and roleplay aswell as the ability foe a guard to remove an inmate after finishing their sentence would be great! We were thinking about a system that would ping eveey guard on duty like the ringprison command that would allow us to retrieve the inmate and bring them to a point in the prison which would then release them automatically from that point.
  4. Fair play to the team! Really enjoyed reading over this and hope to roleplay with you guys in the future.
  5. San Andreas Department of Corrections Recruitment Do you think you have what it takes to be apart of a professional and hard-working team?
  6. I would think this vehicle would be a better suit for the transporter or an addition to use it
  7. I believe we should have some sort of script support to Legal and maybe illegal factions for an inventory point where we could handle contraband ect, it would be nice if we could label what we put for certain different roleplay such as at the Department of Corrections we collect a lot of contraband so it would be nice to have a contraband inventory section and also we provide the food to the inmates ourselves so it would be nice to have access to that through the kitchen, so on and so forth. I'm using DOC as an example because it's the faction i'm in but other factions could benefit from it. This makes it look more professional than just having bags lying around!
  8. This is needed and I support it +1
  9. This would be interesting for the engine to slowly degrade over-time giving mechanics more to do with vehicles! +1
  10. I support this it could add some good roleplay! +1
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