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  1. NobodyLTU

    Ban appeal

    Hello, thank you for submitting your appeal. You were first banned for committing VDM with your truck. Vehicle shouldn't be used to attack anyone, unless it is the only way to escape safely from a situation, however it was not your case. Earlier by a few minutes you referred to a player by his OOC name which again is another broken rule. After receiving well deserved punishment for VDM, you then went to this player's chat room and started impersonating an admin, which is not allowed (common sense). After reviewing 'Explanation of what happened' and 'Why your appeal should be accepted' it is clear to me that you don't understand what is VDM nor you have any intention to learn, therefore this ban will remain in place. Closed.
  2. NobodyLTU

    Ban Appeal

    I was in your truck when you teleported, our detection system clearly showed that you teleported several times before I checked. There is no doubt that you cheated. Denied.
  3. NobodyLTU

    Mask 7929_965 Stranger 415_9521 [DEATHMATCH]

    You did try to provoke these players, no DM was commited here.
  4. NobodyLTU

    Stranger 3777_5306 (135) VDM

    Hello, unfortunately one screenshot is not enough evidence. This report will be closed due to lack of it. Please provide video evidence next time. Thank you!
  5. NobodyLTU

    Stranger 3838_7934 (VDM & DM)

  6. NobodyLTU

    Mask 6425_9127 (5.3 Deathmatch)

    Thank you for your report, looking at the video evidence it is clear that player did not have any reason to shoot you, player also did not give any demands for you. Player will be issued punishment for DM.
  7. NobodyLTU

    Mask 1304_2167 5.3 Vehicle Deathmatch

    Thank you for reporting, player will be issued a punishment for breaking VDM rule. If there was another situation where player broke VDM rule, please make another report. Closed
  8. NobodyLTU

    Mask 9663_4266 ID 124 FearRP

    Thank you for your report, as it is clear from the evidence, player did in-fact break FearRP rule. Considering player has extensive admin log, he will be receiving a permanent ban.
  9. NobodyLTU

    Stranger 3838_7934 (5.5.1 Non-Roleplay)

    It seems like reporting party removed evidence. Closed
  10. Provided evidence is too short for us to be able decide if KoS rule was applicable here or no. However VDM seen in this video is not allowed, therefore player Stranger 6730_5204 will receive a punishment for VDM.
  11. NobodyLTU

    Stranger 7996_4336 Non-rp behavior

    Thank you for reporting. Player will be issued a punishment for NonRP
  12. NobodyLTU

    Stranger 4884_3722 (VDM)

    Thank you for reporting. Player will be issued a punishment for VDM
  13. NobodyLTU

    Report against Stranger 664_882 (24)

    Thank you for reporting. Player will be issued a punishment for DM
  14. NobodyLTU

    3206_5644 (4.1.5)

    This report will be closed because it seems that reporting party just wants the player to be punished. Situation could have been easily sorted out in-game. Also when making reports please make it short and straight to the point, without any unrelated information Thank you.
  15. NobodyLTU

    Mask 4540_5928 (5.3 Deathmatch)

    Hello, After reviewing this report it does seem that Mask 4540_5928 did shoot the person without any prior rp nor sufficient reason. Player will be issued punishment for DM