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  1. NobodyLTU

    Radio and bag bug

    Fixed in upcoming patch
  2. NobodyLTU

    Clothing duplication.

  3. Hey dude, Could you give me the green name on the website please. In game account name is (DevastatedTV, Discord is Jimmy Pegorino)


  4. NobodyLTU

    Jay Dawson- Jason Dawson (Ban Appeal)

    You should think before writing stuff. Especially in-game and OOC Denied
  5. NobodyLTU

    Denzel Otoole ( Adversiting appeal )

    Sorry, we can not accept you appeal right now. Denied Thank you for appealing.
  6. NobodyLTU

    (Unban) Abdu

    Sorry, your punishment appeal can not be accepted. Thank you for appealing!
  7. ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.1.6 Added parking pay stations Added police impound You can only quit a job if you have returned a work vehicle with /returnvehicle Increased citybee price Added typing indicator Removed nametag colors Body armor clothing will be automatically added if player has armor over a specific amount JerryCan only works if player is outside vehicle and engine is off Added ability for PD to take and remove armor Rebalanced police cruisers Bug fixes Older changes: Updated NCZ script to include interiors Added buyable weazel newspaper item Added notes (draw with left click, erase with right click) Updated help menu (Thanks to Serthon) Updated credit shop UI Added animations to picking up items and etc Notes and bags will be saved during server restart Renamed 'Criminal Factions' to Factions Added /rvv to change radio volume Faction treasury withdraw and deposit can only be done at ATMs Players with recent dm record or less than 1000xp cant loot injured with I Decreased amount of bags and crates certain vehicles can hold Increased house vehicle proximity, because some players were unable to park vehicles Wheat bag placement bug fix Fixed police MDC bug Faction members that are given access to weapons will receive handguns, melee and "other" weapons by default Faction members are able to select what weapons they want to carry in a selection menu Faction vehicles will have an accessible inventory Player inventory slot count has been decreased to 18 Vehicles will have custom inventory slot count Fixed bug where stashspot couldn't be accessed Added talking radio animation for everyone Added radio anim for text commands Updated Clothing UI Added all available watches and accessories (clothing) to server Handcuffs should be more reliable Fixed swat uniform accessory issue Fixed error that prevented players from controlling bikes in mid-air Replaced old job change prompt with new UI style Added wineyard interior portal Fixed some stranger mask bugs Created an NCZ script (NCZs are yet to be placed) Created player asset protection inside NCZs Created player location display script (similar to PLD) Updated inventory UI (removed right side gap) Marijuana seeds are now a stackable item Marijuana spawn count increased Marijuana growth timer reduced Marijuana harvest yield reduced Crafting seeds will produce 1-3 seed items Added custom weapon and object attachment script Added interiors of some government factions to their HQ zones Emergency services radio chat works only with radio on and correct frequency set Drop-off point drug prices will slowly regenerate if below "average" Fixed police siren error for Riot vehicle Fixed farmer transporter bag placement range Fixed zone detection for farm fields Fixed a bug with drop-point payment calculation Fixed bug that prevented players from buying a phone, when they didn't had one Small increase to all drug prices and medium increase to LSD price
  8. NobodyLTU

    Citybee scooter renting

    The debt was being displayed with decimal places, so it was not thousands that you were in debt. Fixed in upcoming patch
  9. NobodyLTU

    Credits in-game slots menu mistake

    Fixed in upcoming patch
  10. NobodyLTU

    Peristukinas - Raigardas Peristukinas (Ban Appeal)

    Basically you said "Truck driver got banned, i gave him 48h ban for vehicle dm and metagaming". Then you said "I warned the one who shot". This is what we call here "Impersonating administrator". Denied.
  11. NobodyLTU

    [Auction] [Fuel Station] Route68 Fuel Station

    Congratulations to Stefanie Huth. Route68 fuelstation goes to her for 2,900,000 $.
  12. NobodyLTU

    Messages on your phone

    Does it still happen?
  13. Auction Rules Forum users are not allowed to post here anything, other than their auction bids. Starting bid is $250.000 and minimum bid increase is $25.000, bids cannot be decreased. Participants , who post false bids (without having the money to cover the bid) will be fined in-game. Participants , who already own a business or control other characters or accounts that own a business, cannot participate. Participants are not allowed to transfer ownership of the auctioned item, to those players, who are not allowed to participate by point #4. Participants must post their character name or stranger mask and the size of their new bid, otherwise such posts will be deleted. The auction will close on 30th of August, 12:00 UTC +0, any further bids placed after the deadline will be ignored! The auction administrator is allowed to initiate a live auction, between major bidders, if a last moment bid is posted before the deadline. Auctioned Item Route 68 Fuel Station Winner Stefanie Huth 2,900,000 $
  14. I'd like to thank you once again for looking into my case personally. I truly appreciate that, you can't imagine.

  15. ECLIPSE Roleplay Update Notes - 2.1.4 Fixed chat opening while in phone Fixed phone elements not saving Moved poker input to the left side of the screen Potentially fixed poker bug that incorrectly calculated the winner Fixed salary not being updated on phone Added custom hospital respawn locations PD/MD can join server even if its full Fixed cruise, (this include tires burnouting) Players will automatically spawn with a phone Chop shop changes location every 12 in game hours Chop shop pays a little bit more Removed chop shop blip Added delay to /showvehicles Added new phone UI General store UI automatically closes after walking away Taxi number is 1111