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Phil McGee

Rejected and Approved Reports

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I suppose its not a server suggestion as such but why did reports Accepted or Rejected get all lumped in together within Archives.

I think from purely an education point of view for players its better to keep then as it were so people can see what kind of behavior is deemed acceptable or not. Or at the very least color code them as above so new people have a chance to educate themselves before making the same errors as sometimes its easier to see rule breaks shown to them rather than just reading about them in the rule books. 

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion.

Regardless of a reports acceptance or denial status, you can still learn a lot from each outcome, so there is no need to separate accepted and denied reports. If you truly would like to look at reports statuses for information, feel free to read the list as there are multiple, varying conclusions given.

Aside from the above text, the suggestion's last interaction was roughly 4 years ago, and is considered inactive.

Suggestion Locked & Archived.

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