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Activity log for factions

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We recently had an incident in our faction where a nefarious insider abused their privileges and put themselves into a position where they were then able to withdraw the sum total of our treasury. 

Upon talking with admins (it's a violation of faction rules) it appeared that it was very hard for them to track down exactly who did it. This gave me an idea, there should be a logs page available to faction leaders so they can see exactly what changes or actions have occurred within the faction. If we jump back to the incident that inspired this idea, the faction leader would simply check the logs and see the nefarious faction member promoting themselves and then withdrawing balance from the treasury. 

It would also be cool to avoid this completely by implementing some kind of hierarchy system. Think of some forum software, how an administrator could not elevate their privileges to super administrator nor edit anything about a super administrators account. However, I understand this is much more complex than the former solution to this issue and maybe a bit overkill when you could simply say "be careful with who you give the promote/demote permission to, it's OP".

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