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Drug dealing, weapon selling

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I thought about a method that would be more profitable for people who own turfs, or any means to provide themselves with various amounts of drugs, guns, etc. Right now we're fully expected to make money from either having a government job or by farming 24/7; let's be honest, if you're roleplaying as a criminal mastermind you wouldn't spend your days farming away trying to get the money you could get by doing illegal business. 

What I thought of was npc selling, but not in an easy way. The more expensive or the number you were attempting to sell to said npc, the higher risk you'd be in. There would be a set chance that a "snitch" (script) would alert the police of, let's say, 2 places you could be making a drop off for those said weapons or drugs. I believe the prices should be lower than when you sell them to a player (i.e you'd sell an ak normally for 17k with no ammo but let's say the "npc" buyer would buy it 15k). That way there would still be a reason to sell it to players, but also make it so we don't have to wait for players to buy in order to make proper money.


You ship in 20 ARs, get them from mountgordo to your warehouse and click "sell to buyer" - a notification would go up saying the buyer would be in "x place (random)". Since 20 ARs are a fairly priced shipment, there would be "x % chance" (determined by value and amount of said product) of the cops also getting a notification.

I think it is a fair thing to add into the game, it would make things easier to run inside a group/gang whilst also providing a fun bit of roleplaying space. Lower ranking members would be able to get their "salaries" or cuts and it would provide something more fun than just afk farming while none of your buyers need guns. 


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