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The Sicilian Syndicate

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(best read while listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1LUj7_8xiI - along with an Italian accent!)


“Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family."

“Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.”

“I don't trust society to protect us, I have no intention of placing my fate in the hands of men whose only qualification is that they managed to con a block of people to vote for them.” 


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The Sicilian Syndicate, which began in early 2017 in Northern Los Santos, is a very respectable organization which deals in protection, extortion, and family business. They hold themselves to a very high standard built of morals and customs praised within the Old Country, even if that means stepping over the law.

The Sicilian Syndicate originated in Sicily, Italy in the 1950's which were known by many as the "Cosa Nostra" or the "Sicilian Mafia". They offered protection to those within the community which held themselves to the same morals and customs of the family. They became a power which often had control over the police and other opposing forces.

In the 1990's, a few of the respected members of the Italian family got involved with the drug and narcotics trade. This, unfortunately, led to the downfall of the family. Many of the remaining senior members were either killed, jailed or fled to bordering countries.

One of the most infamous jailings, during the fall of the Italian family, was Vincent Morzano, one of the most respected underboss' in the family. After his false conviction by a corrupt member in the family, he was sentenced to 120 years in a maximum security prison with no option of parole.

It was believed that Vincent was the father of two children, who fled to America sometime in the late 1990's


In 2017, news began to spread around Los Santos that a small group of Italians began to emerge within the city. The group consisted of a few well-dressed men making reference to the old country and their Italian home.


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Recruitment is to be done completely ICly, we will not accept OOC requests to join the faction without a form of IC introduction and induction.

It is highly recommended that you create a character which has a form of Italian blood and backstory, to further the RP, though it is not required as exceptions can be made to specific characters. 

All members of the Sicilian Syndicate will be required to display a strong sense of roleplay and respect of the faction, we will not accept members who have little to no regard of the server rules.

If you wish to be inducted into the Italian Family, you must meet with us ICly and state your wishes and concerns.


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Every member of the faction is required to commit to strict roleplay. We will not accept members then often break rules, abuse out-of-character knowledge to win situations, and give little to no respect for the betterment of all involved. If any of this is seen in a member of the faction, they will be removed immediately.

We wish to enforce a strict set of guidelines upon players which will mirror that of the LSPD and the LSEMS.

My goal with this faction is to bring some fun roleplay to the server. I wish to break some of the stereotypes when it comes to police v criminals and bring back some challenging competition!




I appreciate you taking the time to read over our faction page, feel free to post any Out of Character questions, concerns, or opinions in the comment section below.

One more thing... go home and get your f*cking shine box.




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