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Paintball Area!

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Paintball Area - Competetive "sport" in which players eliminate opponents!


What is paintball?

Paintball is a game that everyone can participate and just made for fun!

Players are required to wear protective masks and use safety equipments, Guns considered "plastic".

Everything is based over killing and spawning around different locations.


How doest it look?

The outside of it would look like a big building with parking spot, a checkpoint inside that shows information.



Set password, DM/TDM Mod, Set Maps, Set Weapons, Set Max Kills, Set Prize, Set Time, Entrance Cost (MAX $500).

Creating a room would cost around $100-$500.

Room Owner/Creator can decide everything trough creating menu, after setting up a room the money would be taken from their pocket.



[Room #1] [Open] [Deathmach] [Players: 9/16] [1:15-10:00(time passed-time limit] [Prize: $5000] [Owner/Creator: Player_Name] (Click for details)

Players: Minimum 2, Maximum 16.



Players: 9.

Password: None. (if there is a password so it would be *****)

Mod: Deathmach.

TDM Example: Mod: Team Deathmach, RED TEAM (5/8) BLUE TEAM (4/8). [TEAM - Current players/Player Limit]

Health / Armor: 100H | 50A (creator can decide the ammount of spawning hp and armor)

Map: Bunker. (example of map)

Weapon: Postol, Sniper Rifle. (the creator of the room can decide which weapons)

Kills (maximum kills): 20.

Time: 10 Minutes. 

Prize: $5000. (would be taken from the creator pocket, prize can be $0)



Everyone can kill, first player reaches the maximum kills win.



RED TEAM / BLUE TEAM - First team reaches the maximum kills win, can add team balance (balancing the ammount of players each team).



Maps is a problem I think, so big/small interiors in another "world" could be maps.

Random spawns around the map on DM.

Blue Team spawn, Red Team spawn - required.


That's it.. It would be more fun to add dm areas(ACTION) in this server because everyone are busy of making money.


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-1 Just nope. Your idea of it is like bringing a DM server to an RP server, but just making it look RP. I think you should just head to a DM server with your buddies if you are bored. They should either decrease the economy or increase job payouts so people wouldn’t be working too much. 

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1 hour ago, karpalak said:

Big no. This is a roleplay server and we don't need these things.

I bet the idea is coppied from another server, but if you want more fun and you are bored from roleplaying or you don't want to roleplay go on some Freeroam or DeathMatch server.

You are right.

Seems like people will not like it.

Thread can be closed.

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