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Populating Los Santos

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I just joined this server, and are loving it so far. This is the first RP server I've tried on GTA V, so I don't know if this is different on other servers, but. 

My first impression was that Los Santos is a dead city. In my first one and a half hour of gameplay, I met ONE character, and that was a car who just drove past me.

As I said, I dont know if its possible, but I think the city would feel more immersive and alive if you could implement NPCs, as pedestrians, shopkeepers. And maybe some non-player-owned cars. Without replacing the player factions of course.

I think this would add a lot of feeling as you roam through the city.



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This is something i believe has been suggested quite a few times and from my understanding its not something ECRP can completely control as our host RAGEMP needs to have the support for NPCs driving and walking around etc.

We have had shop keepers in the past on our old host but again didn't support NPC cars and pedestrians i have always wanted minimal NPCs driving and walking about and i will always +1 this type of idea but i believe this is something out of ECRPs compatibility due to RageMP. 

Also welcome to the server mate.

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I’m gonna say -1 for this. NPCs are completely stupid. If you fire one shot, then hell breaks loose and the players would get VDM’ed by the NPCs, which would be pretty ironic. Also, people could just carjack a vehicle from an NPC, which would kinda defeat the purpose of having a taxi company or rental cars. Yes, if we had traffic, people wouldn’t drive like maniacs, but until the AI gets more intelligent, I don’t think it would be a good idea to have him here. 

Welcome to the server btw, you should check hotspots as LSC, Bayview, Tequilala etc. for many players. 

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It's cause you're posting this at 5 am and there are a lot of british people on this server who don't play at that game. I was on it a few times at 5am roughly and around that time I hardly saw anybody but it's pretty populated mid day time for uk. Also -1 peds are annoying with their cars in general and they just block you in your car.

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Rage:MP does support peds, even driving ones. The problem is two-fold: Syncing & Randomisation.

Rage does not natively support syncing of peds at the moment. However, it is possible to implement this.
Tasks, such as, 'walk here' or 'drive here' have to be randomised. The difficulty is doing this in a performant and believable manner. 
Overall, it is certainly possible to have peds walking/driving around. However, in my view, it will require a significant time investment.

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