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Truckers and payments

Private Truckers Bonus  

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  1. 1. Should a Private truckers bonus be introduced?

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Hi there my suggestion is about when you take jobs at the Truckers HQ it makes the suggestion to "use your own truck or a rental" however at the moment there is no "Rental" fee that gets taken out. My idea is instead of paying a "Rental" fee for the truck up front, when you use your own truck you receive a bonus of X amount of dollars per delivery, like a bonus. I have noticed a bonus already exists for $200/5 deliveries, I think this should stay for those using a private truck as it encourages a new workforce within the server.

The "Private Truckers" bonus could be described it in-game such that the Truckers HQ doesn't have to pay for insurance on the truck because the owner already has. Most delivery companies in many countries use this method (in fact I got the idea from working for a pizza delivery company in Australia).

I feel like this would work quite well for the in-game economy as I know HeavyFlow import the Hauler, Packer and Phantom in for $65,000 each. I would also like to suggest a rate of $200 per successful delivery as this means the driver has to complete 325 deliveries just to pay for the vehicle without modifying it.

Let me know what you think and I can let my fellow truckers know who are also encouraged by the idea of a career in trucking in-game.



Kind Regards


Varakai (IGN: Jacob Fellows)

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+1 I think this makes sense and as a truck owner I believe that its only fair to introduce this since it's an own privately own vehicle you pay for fuel repairs and have to secure your vehicle independently. "use your own truck or a rental" < this statement implies that if you use your own there is a fee but there isn't and if there was one no one would drive a truck  because the pay is low but if you own a semi it should be a better payout.

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+1 love the idea.


Was thinking of buying my own truck and an added bonus for doing so would be great. Would actually add a reason for you to own a truck, rather than just rent one from the trucker yard. Perhaps with this addition we might see some trucking companys pop up and unlock a different roleplay experience.

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37 minutes ago, alexalex303 said:

The trucker job was recently nerfed, if you apply the pre-nerf values to truckers that have their personal truck, that would make it pretty balanced because of the money you need to invest in the truck.

How much is it actually nerfed? the other day i've got like 200 for 3 miles. As a postman you make way more.

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I started out as a trucker, bought my trucking license (when it was expensive), enjoyed it enough I bought my own truck. Even though I was refueling the rental, finding out later I didn't have to, only to have to refuel my own again. No bonus out of owning my own truck except the benefit of being able to live out of it. Then the pay was reduced.

According to some tests I've done recently in legal work, below is an idea of an average of what you could make in one hour (depending on location, RNG and traffic violations).

  • Bus - ~$5130 (routes may be random)
  • Garbage - ~$7200 (travel further, longer you work to pick up garbage further away from dump)
  • Courier - ~$5276 (routes tend to stay in town)
  • Truck (Fuel) - ~$5427 (refill location inconvenient, trailer loss (despawn) means having to pick up another from only one location.)
  • Money Transport - ~$6470 (travels everywhere)
  • Fishing - $198.75 per fish ~$6956

I would love to see trucking be more relevant and drive people to drive more. The CB radio is too quiet these days!

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