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What we really need. Is a car wash.

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Heya folks. I bring this into light, because lets be honest. We all hate seeing dust and crap on our cars. So, instead. Could we put a car wash near Grove Street Wash [Near the suburban] And along with the one by the chop shop further down. I can at least attest for 95% of the people on the server when I say. We want a car wash, we want our nice whips shiny. It sucks not being able to wash your car. We don't want to have to drive in a small stream, flood our vehicles and get messed up, or wait for the rain.

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Adding one more thing
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On 2/26/2022 at 4:25 AM, Mikazuki Ueno said:

They do with every repair or mods. 

At least around six months ago when I use to play even after a repair it wouldn’t completely clean my vehicle. From your comment I now understand it most likely isn’t like that anymore.

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