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The Street Fighters

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Los Santos Premiere Racing Criminal Organization. 


During the 90’s, rage set out through the streets of Los Santos, Street Racing, Hijackings, each event involving 30-40 cars. This group called themselves the “Street Fighters”, a vigilante group riding through the night, causing as much trouble as possible. Hated by cops, and seemingly loved by everyone else


Alex Croft, a previous High Command of Crimson Syndicate finds himself alone at the observatory one night, reminiscing of what used to be, the racing, the friendships and relationships that were built every night. Sean Liamhorn, one of his members in Crimson Syndicate, pulls up in his sultan. He learns of Alex's past racing experiences and they talk all through the night, deciding to make a huge decision. Crimson Syndicate is not worthy of them and they would go out to make their own crew. Rather maybe, a rebuilding.



Alex and Sean decide to rebuild the Street Fighters, seemingly a dream of theirs to have their own racing crew. They get to work, recruiting and practicing their driving every single day. The group gains recognition quick, both by the public and more notably by the Police, unable to beat the crews superior driving. The mint green cars driving through the streets, become widely known to contain the best drivers in the city. 






The two leaders of the Crew, with the Crew history in their blood. They lead the daily and important operations of the Crew and are some of the best racers in the city.



The Crew's second in command, strongly trusted by the Head Racers. They lead the Crew when the leaders are unavailable or are not around. 



Racers that have proven themselves to be worthy of a command position. They are the third in command and are looked up on by the Crew


Members of the Crew that have proven themselves worthy, but are not yet ready for a command position


Valued members of the gang that have shown their dedication to bettering the Crew. 


General members of the Crew, these members have passed the trial phase and have shown their worth as full members.



These people have been recognized for their skills, and are currently showing and proving their worth to the High Command in hopes of becoming a Proven Racer


Friends of the Crew, who need to learn the ropes of racing in order to trial for the Crew.


⚪Gain a member base of 20 members


⚪Establish a presence in the city and become recognized by others


⚪Acquire an HQ, preferably a mechanic shop


⚪Host street races commonly, and let the gangs driving skill be noticed. 


⚪Establish neutral relationships with the powerful gangs in the city


◉ A Minimum of 30k Exp


◉ Good understanding of Eclipse Roleplay Rules


◉ Must be active on Eclipse Roleplay


Zero Tolerance for OOC toxicity





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With recruitment on track, the Street Fighters are able to take some time to themselves, well rather as a group doing what they love. RacingThey all meet at the Observatory to get started, they do some laps and then line up at the tattoo shop beside the bank. A track was made there months ago, but only the best of drivers are brave enough to race it, as it is right in the middle of the city. A hot spot for cops. 


After a successful night, Alex and Sean meet to talk about their progress. They discuss the members that have been recruited and whether or not they fit well with the group. They talk about who is a proper fit for High Command, as they have some unfilled higher up ranks. They appoint Paddy Trixx and Benjamin Bucky as their command racers, two members that have proved themselves to be vital to the Crew. Sean and Alex continue to talk, and decide that they are on track with where they want to be, their main thing being recruitment. With almost 20 members, it is looking good for the crew. 



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With Recruitment in full swing, the Crews High Command decides that relationships need to be made with other gangs. They first meet with the Gangster Desciples. Ricky Brasco and Mike Laurie meet with the Crew to discuss their presence in the city. Alex had met with this group before, previously being in Crimson Syndicate and working with the group in war. They have a quick, yet seemingly endless conversation about the current politics in the city. The meeting ends in good spirit with the Crew maintaining the positive relations that some of the members had previously obtained. 



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