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The Gang Albani was a criminal group from Poland moving to Los Santos in the beginning of the 1990s. The group is known for being involved in large car-theft rings, drug trafficking including cocaine, heroin, MDMA and amphetamine , kidnapping, extortion, weapon trafficking and murder. After moving to Los Santos they have regained their strength in recent years and have begun setting up their car-theft rings and connections with other serious gangs.





Our Colour's

White: represents purity or innocence

Black: is associated with power, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, formality, death, evil, and aggression, authority, rebellion, and sophistication.

Yellow (under glow in cars) : is the color of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring.



Our current situation is that we are still  recruting strong members and become more recognised and popular in Los Santos. We currently make legal and unlegal money and in our free time we rubberneck the streets looking for new serious people to join us. After few weeks of hard work we finally got our own headquarters (HQ) that will help us to settle in Los Santos for loger. As we   got more members and people slowly started to recognise us on the streets  we started hitting labs, cooking ,choping cars and hitting stores just like we did in 1990s before coming in to the Los Santos as we were very popular for large car-theft rings and drug trafficking and that's what we want to bring to the Los Santos to show people few of unreal  Albani  Tacktics and Albani Culture.



★Recrut more strong members.✔️

Obtain business building or HQ for all the members.✔️

Become Oficially recognised in the City.

★Establish relations with other organisations. ✔️

Obtain  properties (hauses, apartaments) for money laundering and financial gain.

Obtain good relation with "the Council"

Obtain Heavy Weaponary access.



IC Rules

Patched clothing must be worn at all times 

Members cannot and will not create any wars or trouble with any gangs without strict permission from a President or Vice-President of the Gang.

Members will always show loyalty and respect to the Gang.

Members will not discuss any private or personal information about another member with anyone outside the Gang.

Leaving the gang with out a proper reason will cause serious punishment.


OCC Rules

Keep OOC text chat to a minimum unless you are asking questions about commands etc

Always maintain a high standard of role-playing. 

Try to be active as much as you can.


Make sure you are familiar with the rules listed above all times before applying to join.

Make sure you make a good impression when we meet up.

You need to have at least 10.000 experience points. 

Show us that you will be well needed for this ogranisation.






















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buying headquarters for better future.

It was a late afternoon. It was very exhausting week for all the "Albani" Members, everyone was tired of all the hard work for over the week.
After some big cash injection we ended up buying headquarters (HQ) witch will help us in future to develop as well as this was one of our goles that we set up as the organisation. From now on we can say that we have our own official headquarters (HQ), from now on everyone in the organisation will have their own little spot where they can chill and meet up with other members.
I'm really happy of the hard work from everyone and I hope this will continue in the future.




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Shop Robberies

As the situation got really rough in the organisation after some big cash injection that we managed to secure and worked hard for we ended up buying HQ
After spending huge money on the HQ hard times has hit us. It was time to get some quick Cash to fill out our pockets. We organised a meeting with our guys to discuss plan of action. We set 2 men outside the shop on the look out while 3 other men went in to the shop smashing CCTV and wearing masks and latex gloves to hide their indenties
in case anyone was caught. While one of the men was holding the cashier on a gun point while two other mens were taking the cash. After 13 successful robberies the police is still trying to track down the wanted men.








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Drug Labs

This was the time to make some reall money just like in the old days when we were very well known for large drug trafficking and now it was our time take our claim of the criminal activity in Los Santos.
Albani gatgered and secured a drug lab.


Plan was very simple as we had 1 man from the "Cartel de sinalao" helping us he was picking up marijuana plants and turning them in to seeds and replanting marijuana.
While 5 of "Albani" were on a lookout to secure the place in case someone comes in. There was also another few "Albani" members on the radio waiting for the back up call.


Albani"cleaning out the weeds at one the drug labs.


After spending very stressful night at the drug labs and collecting over 500 plants it was time to chill and rest  before doing another actions...

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Time To Take A Break And Chill

"Alabni" After a long day "Alabni" decided it was time to relax and chill as we are pretty good in taking breaks we know when its time to step aside and chill out.

"Albani" chilling drinking , fishing and enjoying the beautiful view.





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On 7/4/2020 at 8:35 PM, LuckyLuck997 said:


First Connections

It was late afternoon all the Albani were at the pier partying and having fun.

Lucky got a text message on his phone it was very surprising for everyone because he never getting any  messages at this time of the day from anyone. 

Lucky Opened his phone and read the message from David, David is the boss of Cartel De Sinalao.

David asked Lucky if maybe we can meet up with our guys and get to know each other a bit more.

Lucky with out even thinking said yeh sure why not knowing that one of his lads was helping albani at the drug labs last night.

Lucky quickly passed the message to his guys and they were all up for it.

After few minutes Lucky sent David a message with the Location of the meeting.


Both crews arrived to the Location they set up. They both got to know each other, Both crews discussed about the situation thats is going on in the city and the future plans they have...


After a successful meeting between Cartel De Sinalao and Albani they both decided to hit few labs together and thats what they did.











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