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  1. I'll go over this once again. After I pulled my gun out, you didn't even give me a chance to speak. As seen in the video you stepped down of your bike and started taking your gun out. You left me no choice but to open fire. You could even call it a fear rp break, since I pulled my gun out on your friend and you carelessly started showing aggresion. It could have been a normal counter robbery if you stayed on your bike and let me tell you my demands. If you think otherwise, why did my first shot go after you stepped down your bike and chose your gun in the tab menu and not when I pointed it at your friend?
  2. Hello Mr. Mickeyyy. Unfortunately I do not use a recording software since my computer isn't strong enough to support one. I only got the footage from one of my buddies and he only started recording at the beginning of the shoot out so you wouldn't see anything new from what you've seen of the reporting parties POV. I kindly ask the reporting party to provide any other footage that they have, for example the chase on the highway. Also if there are any other parts which you still need explanation of please let me know, I will try to go over everything once again in more detail. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hello Mr. Feky, Mickeyyy and GiorgosK. I'll start of by explaining the situation from my point of view. I was headed out of Paleto Bay and decided to stop by a drug lab to pick up a few marijuana plants. After staying 5 minutes in there, I headed back to LS when I saw a motorcycle following me. I had a chat with him asking why is he following me and he responded that he has seen me collecting marijuana. I responded by saying "I don't want any trouble, just take the marijuana and leave me alone" and he responded "Nah, there is no fun that way" and that was where I understood my life is in danger and I started to flee. After gaining a little distance from the motorcycle I used the radio to set up an ambush. My friends were hunting in the 2/4 hunting spot, so we decided to ambush them at the gas station which was really close and would give my friends time to hide. Once I arrived at the ambush location I went inside the store to pretend I'm buying something to catch them off guard, but I saw them making calls on the radio, inviting more gang members and I decided this was the time to hit them back. I stepped out of the store and as heard in the video I started saying "What is your problem". After I pulled out my gun, I didn't open fire right away. I aimed my gun at the driver and was about to say "You touch your radio one more time and I will put a bullet into your head" but the motorcycle driver stepped of his bike and started pulling his gun out. That was where I understood that they wont comply to my demands which they didn't even give me time to tell them and will try to attack me. That was where I opened fire and after hearing the shots my friends joined in as well. Now speaking about specific broken rules which the other party thinks I broke. 14. Deathmatch (DM) Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. It literally says in the rule that you can attack another player if they are attempting to hurt you and based of the situation you can clearly see that they were following me with the intentions to hurt or rob me. 15. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and Kidnapping Robberies should be conducted in a realistic manner with reasonable in-character motive using secluded areas. Players should not conduct minor robberies in situations with high risk involved. Desert and forest areas are considered secluded but witnesses should still be taken into account. In my view the ambush at the gas station was realistic since me and my friends had little time to choose the location and the shop was the closest and the calmest object to them and it was marked on our GPS'es. I also used it to make them think I am buying something and maybe tricking them to make them step out of their vehicles. Of course we could have chosen a location somewhere in the hills or the woods, but that would have taken way too much time and may have lead us to a misunderstanding from our team. Keep in mind that I was getting chased and I only had time to speak on the radio, while I was getting a little distance away from him. 8. Metagaming (MG) The whole chase and the whole time of your recording I was ahead of you which made sure you couldn't hear me speaking on the radio. Overall the setup only took a couple of sentences and was finished while I was still on the highway since all I said was "I am getting chased where you at?" and they responded "Come to the shop near hunting location two out of four, we will hide there". Words aren't exact, but you can get the idea of how we planned it. Also you assumed the point where one of my buddies started shooting his teammates and that was a pure misunderstanding. The third guy was hiding in the bush and didn't exactly hear when the shooting began so he was late and just started blasting anyone he could see. He quickly saw the unfamiliar bodies on the ground and stopped. To sum up, I am sorry if any of the pointed rule breaks from the other party are correct and I am also sorry for not speaking to you using PM, since I got a little annoyed when you started to spam "Reported, reported" etc... I want to thank everyone from the staff reviewing this thread and I am hoping you will understand my point of view. Also, a rule break from your party was done as well. Player ID 251 did a radio freq change while he was injured and was held at the gunpoint. I am going to leave the screenshot attached here. If anyone who is reviewing this from the staff wants me to create a new thread about it, let me know. https://imgur.com/a/mEWcCZF Kind regards, Cole93 or Cole Sanford
  4. Best of luck and keep the good work going!
  5. Ah, never would have thought about that. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for your tips
  7. and what if my pc isn't capable of higher resolutions?
  8. Date and time (provide timezone): 06-18-2020 19:47 gmt+3 Character name: Cole Sanford Issue/bug you are reporting: You can't see engine hp on the new hud with lower resolutions because the new phone is on top of it Expected behavior: Either new phone or hud got moved around a little so every player, despite their resolution could see everything clearly Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: I know I am one of the minority, whose pc can barely run gta on 800x600, but Im no different than any others and I still want to see my engine health Vehicle license plate number*:
  9. Hey as the title says I am looking for a Dominator GTX offer yours at 5081956 -Cole Sanford
  10. Hey, as the title says, I am looking for a RV(Journey). Offer yours at 5081956 -Cole Sanford
  11. Hey, I am looking for a decent priced 2G house. Not interested in Apartment complexes tho! Offer yours at #5801956 - Cole Sanford
  12. Hello, it has finally come to the day when I am selling my beloved 1G apartment. It is in a friendly neighborhood, has plenty of storage space and is furnished. There is a dock behind the house so you can store your boats or other water vehicles. Price today would be 200k at the door, or 190k on the hands. Address is : 12 Palomino Ave , the door is unlocked you can check it out anytime. Contact me at #5081956 -Cole Sanford *Price lowered because I need cash very fast.
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