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The Brotherhood

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The Brotherhood originated in the centre of Moscow, Soviet Russia in 1987.

During this time The Brotherhood carried out multiple crimes such as robberies, money laundering, Jewellery heists, bank heists, kidnappings along with contract killings. However, during the collapse of the USSR in 1991 we migrated to mainland Europe continuing our line of business with addition to car theft, drug dealing and drug manufacturing. We settled in mainland Europe for quite some time when we then discovered that America had a more lucrative and profitable market for our operations.

Using our international connections we managed to illegally immigrate into Los Santos, a thriving city for criminals. We are a European family, connected by blood, sweat, tears and brother-ship.


Our Hierarchy is one of the most unique hierarchy in the city of Los Santos, Every week we hold an election, as to which the SPEAKER is decided for that week, all brothers are equal, there is nobody that is better than the other, the family is given a new feel each week with new people being elected from week to week. Our family is democratic, shifting between different leadership styles.

We hold votes on every major decision within the family, there is no one ruler, everybody has a voice.

Our prospects are given a week or so within the family, as to which a vote is held within the family as to whether they should let into the family, we have a maximum of 15 active people in the city, thus we look for the best people who are loyal to our cause. The reason behind this is because we believe a smaller group of people will build greater connections with each-other, and matter to the organisation.


Short Term

- Grow our family to between 12-15 active and loyal people.

- Building relationships between one or two gangs within the city and open trade between them.

- Increase our gun sales and increase our drug production hence increasing our wealth.

Long Term

- Find a more isolated and established headquarters along with making a part of Los Santos owned by The Brotherhood.

- Stay low within Los Santos, not bringing attention to ourselves from larger gangs or the police.

- Open a stable trade link with important and strategic gangs within Los Santos

- Generate a stable income and increase our power.

- Acquire a warehouse for our storage needs.


- Don't make a bad name for yourself or the family, show respect to all people, especially gangs on Los Santos

- If you see an injured man on the side of a road, don't dare touch him, if anything help him, he is in dire straits.

- Respect all members of the family but don't be afraid to give criticism and take it, everybody has an equal voice.

- Whoever is voted speaker is the one who organises the family activities for that week, listen to him/her and respect him/her.


It started when Clyde and Ciaran illegally immigrated into Los Santos as twin brothers, with the money they had from their past operations in Europe the invested into an RV and parked it isolated from society. One day Clyde and Ciaran found a fisherman named Mark, fishing on their island. Mark was confronted by the pair and was found to be a chill man, grinding his way up in Los Santos by fishing. Clyde and Ciaran unregrettably decided to not rob mark for his fish and left him be, even bringing a speaker and playing some music. After an hour or so, Mark was still found fishing on the island, at this moment Ciaran saw he was a dedicated man, things took a turn for the worst when he witnessed his brother Clyde be held at gunpoint by 3 men, Ciaran rushed to mark and gave him a pistol, Mark and Ciaran managed to successfully rescue Clyde.



As 4 of us gathered on a beach, thousands of kilometres from home, nowhere to call home except for our scrappy RV, here we constructed our plans to rise to the top.


Before we knew it, our power grew as we merged with another group in the city and doubled our size.


As time continued our wealth grew along with our power.


More people became interested in our cause, all of us connected by blood and family ties.


We decided to get to know other groups in the city, beginning diplomatic relations and getting to know the Medellin Cartel.


The Brotherhood growing daily as we recruit more members to our family.


Ciaran attempting the most dangerous stunt in Los Santos while being chased by the Toll Station employee.


The boys hard at work, grinding for that oil and cash.


After a hard days work, the lads decide the sleep in a warm reinforced steal container.


Mark and Alex robbing a nearby store, taking advantage of a vulnerable store clerk.


The boys going for a swim, getting absolutely twisted on alcohol.


Our new recruits being skinned to match our bald heads.


The Boys taking control of the waves of Los Santos.


The family preparing to attend a meeting with a fellow gang in Los Santos.


After being mistaken for being apart of the Crimson Syndicate due to our car colour we decided to change them to an all black metallic colour.


Did somebody say marine exploration?


The family relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view of Los Santos.


A predator of the night spotted on a local rooftop

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5 minutes ago, Bagacius said:

I just was interested as I see it started from USSR are you going to put any traditions from USSR gangs? Btw good luck

We have a tradition of getting absolutely intoxicated on fridays apart from that not really, then again its not even a russian tradition we just love to drink.

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