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Character delete requests / Character Kill requests.

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I might not be the only one but when I started playing on eclipse I quickly made like 4 characters and bought 2extra slots because I sucked at creating a character, first three looked like trolls. Back then you didn't get a free plastic surgery.

As of right now CK's are not supported anymore so you'd have to buy an extra character slot. I have 6 characters in total and I'm not sure if this is the maximum but only one of my characters has a clean record, almost never play on the other characters. CK's were bad as people aliased them and then they'd always had to go in /b to tell them the person CK'ed.

I think it would be awesome if we could request a CK and give proper reasoning with a testament attached to send the assets to other players or your alt. There should be a cooldown of maybe 3 months per CK approval. After the asset transfer the character is good to be deleted.


I'm not sure if this is already in place as you can buy a tombstone with credits.


Let me know what you guys think about this below.

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Personally i just want to delete my first character, he has nothing apart from a stupid name that would need to be changed.

I can understand wanting to make money from character slots etc, but wouldnt it be better if people could CK or remake a character (i'm ok with losing everything that i have on that character anyway) and allow people to make new RP stories, rather than being forced into buying another slot so they can get involved into different RP?

For most people spending money on character slots is not much an option and they will eventually just make a new account rather than paying.

+1, just have it as a request, make it so you lose everything on that character so people would first deal with the transfer requests and when they are satisfied with that, they would submit a delete request to free up a slot.

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