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"Meat Feast" | Dizzy Bala [Eclipse Rap]

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The following is strictly for entertainment purposes. Any offence caused is purely accidental.
Mumble Rap


Senora Freeway, take you from the county to the hood.
Seven months and this shit's still good.
Eleanor, or should I call her Hazel.
My raps kill careers so Detective, I'm fatal.
Lele's into my butt stuff, so i'm thinking about anal.
On her not me, I don't swing that way.
Dizzy Bala raps, I won't sing today.
and if I wanna mention you, you'll get pinged all day.

Vuk all up in that wetness, like a deep sea diver.
Gunna go tell Mary I love her, like [REDACTED]
Bala, 10-3, TED is all mine.
She moans out excuse me while I hit it from behind.
Slap slap, I'm a sergeant too.
Ride her like a Jester, illegal parking you.
Rooks, aim a gun at me and I'll fuck you up.
Ryan was a cleaner, the bigger suck up, real good.
Oh, just like a Dyson.
Detective Shadow doing donuts in his Bison.

License to kill, that's me.
Almost most eight months served, certified OG.
Adam up with the Crumpster, we won't get far.
Fucking love Cadets from Mason Lee to Jabar.
Sergeant by day, but by night a rap star.
Fuck.. Jess Sanchez just got in my car.

But she didn't even ask me.
So now this porn porno's getting nasty.
Blowjobs, that ass on my dick now.
Carbine in the gun lock, that pussy will fit how?
Think that pussy's bout to split now.
Sophie with the threesome, had my chance to hit wow.
Callum James, he's a Welshman's heathen.
Eating all the donuts for just no reason.
Except for tax purposes, I should make that clear.
He's not gay, he just loves a meat feast.
and in Josh Durry, he's found his beast.
But on this subject, I don't wish to speak.
Because if I speak, then i'm in big trouble.
I don't want to be in big trouble.

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