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The Kingdom of God

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The Kingdom of God is a religious faction. Its members follow a monotheistic doctrine and seek to establish the highest religious authority in Los Santos. Their goal is to create a vigilant counter-culture throughout Los Santos to oppose the high amount of crime and corruption in the land.

They want to provide resources and guidance to righteous, independent citizens, to help them become stronger and encourage them to fight for those who can't defend themselves.



Tracing their roots back to ancient times, the members of this faction see themselves as spiritual successors to an old monastic order in the Holy Land. Recently, after receiving reports of abuse from believers in Los Santos, the Council decided to send a delegation of high-ranking Clergymen abroad to inspect the situation in this foreign place.

Coming to the conclusion that Los Santos is in a state of anarchy and chaos, the Council gave the delegation the order to remain in the city and to rebuild its places of worship. To offer sanctuary to those seeking protection from persecution and abuse, and to help the people of Los Santos find back to their true Lord. For the root of all of their evil is a lack of faith and opportunities.

The religious doctrine is based on Judeo-Christian traditions and mysticism. Not much is known to the public at this time, and many of the faction's secrets and practices will only be disclosed to members who rise through its ranks and associate with its members.

Currently, the faction's priority is to achieve its goals through diplomatic means and cooperations with other factions, while gradually building up enough infrastructure to increase its own member count and strength.



The only tolerated world view within this faction. The exact hierarchy and titles given within the faction

are subject to change as the faction progresses and may or may not be fully disclosed to outsiders at all.




The Most High is God. He is the Almighty, invisible God that is all-knowing, omnipotent and eternal. He has created the universe and there is only one God.

God has created Angels and made them his servants. He equipped them with knowledge of every existing thing and other special abilities. Some of the Angels refused to serve God's new creation, humankind, which he has created in his own image. These Angels became proud and rebelled, but were cast out of heaven.

Martyrs are believers that have given their mortal bodies in the fight for their belief. They will become like Angels in paradise and watch over the souls of the righteous believers and fight alongside Angel hosts. For a mortal, the fight against evil is the only way to reach a higher position in heaven.

The Patriarch is merely a man, but serves as a spiritual leader and decision maker among the believers. To become the Patriarch of all believers, righteousness and wisdom are a must, and therefore he is considered closer to heaven than most other humans, even though he can not alter the scripture in any way.

The High Clergy and Council members are the officers of the faction and assume leadership roles. Next to the general rights and duties of a regular member of the congregation, they are responsible for the management of faction assets and services. Through their efforts, they are considered a step ahead on the way to redemption.

The Believer is a person who accepts God as his saviour and redeemer. The faith must be proclaimed openly and can not be denied under any cirstumstances, not even to save your life. Because all men and women are sinful in nature, the believer must always worry about being at the brink of going into the fire.

A person who rejects the belief in one almighty God and believes in something else, is considered an Unbeliever. An unbeliever may not necessarily be considered a bad person, but rather a confused individual that was lead astray. They should be confronted with the truth of the gospel whenever possible. The hellfire is certain for them.

Demons are corrupted spirits that carry out the orders of Satan. It is believed that the Devil seeks to show that only the heavenly way is holy, and therefore he wants to torment man and lead him into temptation. They are immortal and diverse in nature, consisting of souls of the wicked, Nephilim and Fallen Angels.

Outlaws are considered the most corrupted and dangerous criminals among humankind. The status of Outlaw may be achieved by attacking believers for their faith, breaking an oath or a truce, apostasy from the faction or else. While violence towards them might not always be encouraged, any action against them is permissible.




To become a member, it is a necessity to testify one's faith before an authorized spiritual leader. One must partake in ritualism and adhere to religious laws to be accepted and maintain membership. Apostasy and heresy are strictly forbidden and not tolerated within the ranks of this community. Membership can not be given up voluntarily, but can only be lost at a certain price. Depending on the position within the fact, members may or may not be identified as such by their attire.



It is considered honourable to be a good fighter with a righteous cause, zealous and charitable. It is considered dishonorable to break an agreement or to hurt innocents. Regardless of faction membership status, any person or group may be considered as an outlaw or a traitor, therefore leading to the person being shunned, humiliated or more.



All members must openly confess to the belief in the one invisible God of the holy scripture. Only in case of doubt among the community, laws are subject to the interpretations given by faction leaders. The high clergy also reveals religious practices, sacred sites and holidays to the rest of the community.



All faction members are subject to the judgement of the faction from the moment of entry into the organisation until death or official release from the faction. Severe disrespect and ignorance of the faction customs, or aggression against its members may or may not give a justification for carrying out judgements and orders against outsiders.




Faction Development

Not only individual members, but the faction as a whole has to develop and progress to gain authority.

The founding members of the faction will begin at lower ranks and climb the ladder once certain criteria and goals are met.

New members will gradually fill the ranks from the bottom up.


Short-Term Goals

Establish diplomatic relations with factions.

Spread the gospel on the streets.

Officially open the first church.

Officially open recreational center.

Obtain service vehicles for volunteers.


Long-Term Goals

Convert as many individuals and factions as possible.

Gain control over all holy sites and churches in LS.

Create diplomatic pacts with other factions to ensure peace in the land.

Subjugate all heretic factions through means of diplomacy or combat.

Create business opportunities and wealth for faction members.

Support any initiatives to arm and train righteous citizens.

Create interesting missions and quests for faction members.

Create the infrastructure to support members in all life aspects.


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Thanks for the interest guys. Due to a bunch of people popping up and wanting to give this a shot, we'll ICly give some outsiders the chance to see if anyone has what it takes to do this in the long-run, or if we just create a few quests and leave it at that for now. Also, please make sure not to use info from this faction thread IC, unless obtained ICly.


IC reference:


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