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Outlaws MC

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** All content in this thread is OOC and cannot be referenced or used in-game. *



The Outlaws Motorcycle Club is an American outlaw motorcycle club that began gaining traction after World War II. Being an “outlaw” club doesn’t necessarily mean that they engage in criminal activity, but rather that they aren’t sanctioned under the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and have their own set of rules.

While the Outlaws publicly identify themselves as a motorcycle club and nothing else, it is widely known that they engage in drug trafficking and other criminal activities. Their national officers often smuggle drugs such as cocaine from Colombian cartels and pass it on to other chapters, which are then distributed and passed on to buyers. Some chapters make their own drugs, especially in Florida. Other activities they engage in include extortion, gun running, contract killing, and other less than legal “things.” Many leaders of the club have been prosecuted for charges similar to this, especially back in the late 90’s

The way that the Outlaws are able to maintain a good public image is through fronts such as charity events and other harmless, helpful activities. They often conduct rides for charity and host events catered towards children and others—this not only allows them to operate the illegal parts of their clubs without interference, but also gives them good public appearance, expanding their influence. 

Worldwide, the Outlaws currently operate 176 chapters (local extensions of the club) worldwide, with a total of 1,700 members throughout. Their mother chapter, or headquarters, is located in Detroit, Michigan and is the base for most of their operations.  



Harvey Nixon, a disgraced and discharged former Sheriff Deputy is sitting at the Yellow Jack Inn, drinking. After he had been fired, many of the values he held dear were lost—no drinking or smoking, staying true to his deceased wife—they were all gone. Harvey had changed, but he no longer cared… why should he? He had already lost his last hope of ever becoming a deputy and there was no better future ahead for him.


Harvey stumbles a bit and fishes his phone out of his pocket. He squints, reading the screen, which said, “Unknown Number - Detroit, MI.” He answered and put the phone to his ear, drunkenly saying, “Harvey speaking. This is who?” There is silence for several seconds. Suddenly, an ominous, deep voice replies, “Harv… remember what we spoke about when you came by?” The ominous voice belonged to the International President of the Outlaws MC, based in Detroit. Harvey, realizing who he was speaking to, quickly straightened his back and replied, “Err… yes. What’s up Prez?” The President spoke to him and then quickly hung-up the phone, “I want you to start up a new chapter in San Andreas. You know that place better than anyone. My boys will be in touch.” And just like that, the conversation ended.

That night, Harvey had dragged himself out of the Yellow Jack and began mentally preparing himself. He started getting to know his Harley, which had been passed down to him by his father. He received more and more calls giving him information and content related to the Outlaws. He was ready, but desperately needed a partner. This is where Harold Scott came in.

Harvey and Harold had known each for a while. Harold’s father, Frank Scott, had been good friends with Harvey from when they had worked together in New York City, clerking a small, family-owned store in a poor neighborhood. Even though Harvey went into law enforcement, they stayed close and often had lunch together, expressing their thoughts on the government and their dislike of it. As Harold grew up, he and Harvey became better friends. They both expressed their love of bikes and interest in the motorcycle clubs operating in the New York area.

After Harvey received the calls from the International President, he immediately thought to Harold. After speaking, they decided that they’d work together and get the Outlaws MC San Andreas chapter started up. Harold flew to San Andreas from New York and they met up, speaking.



It was time—they were in search of new members with the same beliefs as them and were dedicated to expanding the Outlaws’ influence into San Andreas.


“Rome wasn’t built in a day - but it burned in one.”

The club has now set the cornerstones and laid the foundation, thus entering the most critical and difficult phase: survive, stabilize and grow. All eyes are ears from other chapters worldwide are now focused on the San Andreas chapter. Roughly 2,000 members from 43 different chapters in 23 different states are diligently watching the progress of the 44th chapter in their 24th state...

Members nationwide would take it as a personal insult if the chapter had to put their tail between their legs, being 84 years old club has created standards, loyalty and pride. To fail this would be to fail the club and all its members as a whole. 

The Outlaws have acquired the recently foreclosed Himen Bar on Ray Lowenstein Boulevard in Rancho and are in the process of renovating it. They plan to use it as a front for their illegal and shadier dealings, though this will not be obvious from the start. To keep a good public reputation, they have hosted several events at the location to not only find members but also make their name known to others.





Maintain a neutral status with all other criminal organizations.

Build a bar to use as a front for the organizations’ illegal operations.

Continue to gain members with the same values as the club.

Host bike meets and other public events to keep a good public image.



The head honcho. The ultimate decision maker. A dedicated member of the club who always has its best interests in mind. Any big decision has to go through him—no exceptions. It’s his job to make sure that the club is running smoothly and nobody fucks up. This isn’t an easy position to get, and all those that have it are respected and longtime club members.


Number two. The Vice President is in charge of the club whenever the President isn’t around. They might have to make tough club decisions, but they can be overruled by the President if necessary. 


Third in command. The Secretary is the guy that keeps the club moving behind the scenes. He ensures that all of the club's rules are understood and is responsible for keeping amicable relations with other organizations. He collects all necessary information from the lower-ranked members and presents it to the President and Vice-President in a concise manner.


The money man. The Treasurer is responsible for all finances of the club and collects each member’s dues. Every meeting, they report the club’s financial status to each member. A lot of trust goes into getting this rank.


Makes sure that all of the club’s rules and laws are followed. All Prospects and Members fall under his arm, and it is his job to make sure that they don’t fuck up. He makes sure that all club decisions are relayed and understood by all members. If the Sgt. at Arms learns of anything that might possibly harm the club, he must report it to the appropriate figure.


Plans and ensures that all club runs go according to plan. They will coordinate with other clubs to make sure that the times of runs don’t interfere. Once on the road, they will act as the ranking officer, with the only exception being if the President or Vice President are present.


A member of the club that have proven themselves and worked their way up from the bottom. They have gained respect from other members and can order Prospects around. They are able to attend “Church” every week, where integral club decisions are made by leadership and patched members.


Someone that is looking to join the club but is still mainly an outsider. They will ride with the club and participate in club activities, but are far from being patched and fully representing the club. To prove their worth, Prospects will often be required to do most of the clubs’ grunt work, such as defending turf and buying drinks. Once they’ve gained the trust of leadership and other members, they can progress.



(( These expectations are all OOC. Our IC expectations can be found by speaking to one of us in-game. ))

A focus on quality roleplay rather than money or other physical objects.

A good understanding of the Eclipse Roleplay server rules.

No serious admin punishments within the past thirty days.

Roleplay is a requirement. For example, if you crash your bike going quickly, do not just get up and continue riding—call medics or other members and provide RP for others.

Admin punishments while a member of the Outlaws must be explained to leadership. 

Respect and maturity towards fellow faction members and other community members.

Reasonable activity and time spent in-game.



Outlaws MC was created to be the catalyst and usher in a new style of roleplay for Eclipse Roleplay. We believe that roleplay shouldn’t be based on making the most money and having the nicest cars, but rather sticking to the story and proper character development of a faction and it’s members. It seems nowadays that RP is overshadowed by having the best cars and most money. This has become the norm for many and they’ve “conformed” as a result. The Outlaws’ main purpose is to show others that this isn’t the case—you don’t come to our faction if you are in pursuit of monetary gain or notoriety, but rather good, wholehearted RP.



iAchieve: creation of thread and story

Jippa: current stituation


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Outlaws MC now works hard in mines to upkeep the club, but its not that simple, there are people who run some areas where miners usually visit. Outlaws MC got information that Novo Los Aztecas operate in el Burro Heights and in the ore foundry which is included in their area, we didnt want to enter their business unannounced and so thats what we did, scheduled a meeting and both Outlaws and Aztecas discussed about Foundry security, safe passage and some future investments.




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2 minutes ago, MrSplashy said:

Nice, noticed one of you guys driving around at Central MD yesterday evening(in my time) and was surprised to see that there is still a bike gang in the server. Hope I can see more and hope that I could RP with one of yous in the near future.

You might see us around Central MD more often than you expect 😉

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7 hours ago, GOAT said:

Seen a few of you guys riding around, the /do's are a nice touch to draw attention to your MC.

I like to see different kinds of factions and think the server's crying out for a proper MC.

Look forward to seeing you guys more in game.

Cheers buddy, we are aiming to do something that will last but foremost has a realistic touch to it! 

You will see more and more of us :93_punch:



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Reckless Operation - 10 Months

Armed Robbery - 30 Months




Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance.” - Woodrow Wilson 


       For everyone there is a time and a place where things change. Things that should have stayed the same are not anymore. Things that used to be familiar and friendly start to fade away. Lucas used to be in the French army, he has been deployed overseas several time. He was used to see theaters of war. What he couldn’t stand was the lack of care. The lack of care from a government that would cut supplies to the front because of budget issues, that would let his injured soldier down once back home, that one before, perfectly abled man, would be staring at their future from the barrel of a gun. 


       That made him quit. Made him want to help people out. Use his skill set for a better purpose. Finding a job looked easy at first however civilian in France do not look to kindly on military, a cold killer, oppressionist, a tool of the government, that what he was called. That’s where it started to go downhill, going from small jobs to small jobs, just enough to survive but never totally able to live. He was becoming another guy that sacrificed his youth and his life for his country but that ended being left on the side of the road, just able to look at all those people he helped live a quieter life, that don’t realise the real cost of their lifestyle.


       That’s when he had enough. After a year of struggle he realised that life wasn’t for him that there was more. Having nothing to lose he decided to go and sell all of his belongings, headed straight for the airport and took the first ticket available. This ticket was a second class ticket for the 12.45 flight heading to Los Santos, SA, USA.





We do not get unlimited chances to have the things we want. Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life.” - Anonymous


       Few weeks went by as Lucas started his new life in Los Santos. In this length of time he worked differents small jobs but mainly as money transporter and truck driver. Those works allowed him to feed himself and beeing a bike lover he saw at the dealership a beautiful opportunity to buy a bike, “Daemon” which he worked even harder to be able to buy.


       After a tedious day of work, Lucas put down his work uniform, says goodbye to his colleagues, hop on his bike and head to the bank to claim his salary After putting some of the salary money in his pocket and the other in his saving he saw someone parked next to his bike and looking at it. The guy looked cool, he had on his back a leather jacket where a patch was stitched at the lower back of it saying “PROSPECT”. Guy name was Jim.


       They started to talk for a bit and Jim explained he was part of a club of motorcycle enthusiast and that Lucas was welcome to come hang around if he wanted to. Knowing only few people in town that’s what he did. That is how Lucas started hanging out with those guy that called themselves : The Outlaws.




I just don’t want to die without a few scares” - Chuck Palahniuk


       When you have been part of the army you think you know how to handle to be treated like shit. Well try and be a Prospect. After few weeks hanging with The Outlaws, there President, Harvey, proposed to Lucas to become a Prospect. He told him that it would be hard, that he wouldn’t be able to talk unless being ask to, that he would have to do everything that a patch member tell him to do and that he would need to show his abilities. That was the price to access a brotherhood. A brotherhood of people, united around there bike, each and every one of the guy he saw would be ready to give their life for there brother. That’s what he wanted. He wanted to feel like being a part of something. Being able to show proudly his colours.


       But for now his rifle was a mop and his worse enemy was a toilet. A toilet clustered by many angry bikers….Then it was toothbrushes, people don’t often know that it take time to clean the fins of a bike using only toothbrushes. But it was worth it, being able to ride in a pack, learning the politics of the city and the different ways to make money.






"The real test is not whether you avoid this failure, because you won't. It's whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere." - Barack Obama


       One day after coming back from buying some beers with Sean, another prospect, the VP Harvey and now Sergeant at Arms, Jim, same one that introduced him to the club, ask the two prospects to go at the back of the clubhouse to talk. That’s when VP pulled a gun on the two prospects and made them kneel against a fence. There was rumour that Russian mafia was working with the police and Lucas did start to make some connection with the Russians at the time. VP told them that someone informed them one of us was ratting to the police and the other gangs about club business. There was a lot of screaming some to claim there innocence others to force them to confess. At the end Lucas had enough, he putted his the back of his head again the barrel of the gun and told Harvey that if he thought he was the rat and had proof to shoot him because he knew that accusation was bullshit. It couldn’t be him. Sean said the same thing.


Gun moved away from his head, VP said “All right then”.






       Three shots were fired. Lucas thought he was dead but he heard laughter. Harvey and Jim helped the prospect to get up and told them that we could be proud of ourselves. They told us to go with them inside the club’s church. That’s when they announced in front of the whole club that we were now full patch member. After weeks of struggle and hardship, it was finally time for Lucas to become part of the brotherhood.



This story is inspired by real life fact. Names and locations might have been changed.

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VP's point of view




"Time has now gone by and the name of our club is out there.. I'm sure the bigger chess pieces in this killing game, we call life, know who we are by now. We have provedn loyalty, dedication and a brotherhood that a common theif or gangbanger never could of imagine. 

We bikers, we have true history, traditions and values to protect and serve, todays "gangsters" are nothing but scum. No pride nor honor. 

We have maintained a contact with others clubs since quite awhile back no and due to we are the only two MC's that actually keeps the biker culture alive and taken care off, today we met up with The Bastards MC. Making sure we look over eachthers back..."


Lets keep this up boys!! 

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